Germany also gives away houses for 1 euro, and you should think about it

Why would anyone decide to sell a house at a price that usually buys a pack of pasta? Well, it may seem strange but it is very convenient and it is not only for those who buy at a symbolic price, but also for those who sell. The 1 euro houses project, in fact, works great.

Selling a house for just one euro serves to be sure of being able to move the market, but above all because the low price attracts investments and new inhabitants in centers in the process of abandonment or depopulation. Small villages come back to life, as well as commercial activities, artisans and transport services. It is a question of triggering a virtuous circle.

This is why the one-euro house sale project expands, and from Italy it has also arrived in Greece, Cyprus and Slovenia, among others. But a separate discussion must be made for Germany. Even the country with the most powerful economy in Europe has made similar decisions, with homes sold at symbolic prices in several locations.

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When it comes to houses in Germany, we must not only consider the (very high) prices of Hamburg, Munich or Frankfurt: in Germany, further away from the big cities, there are houses for sale at prices that are very close to being “symbolic” .

From one of the most used internet sites to search for homes for sale, we find large German houses (over 250 square meters) under 30 thousand euros, or others at even lower prices, which are under 15 thousand euros.

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With the same logic as the one-euro houses, some houses in Germany are sold for a much lower price than the market, so that they can be sold quickly and renovated.

A house in the municipality of Werder, for example, costs less than 10 thousand euros. A bargain price if we consider that the area is excellent, the house has three bedrooms, is surrounded by nature and the house – although small – is independent and complete with a garden. Why not take advantage of it? For those of us wishing to buy it just click here.

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