Germany (3 × 3) – England (3 × 3) (September 15), bets and odds


On September 15, at 20:10 Moscow time, a match within the Dragon League 3×3 championship will take place, in which the local club Germany (3×3) will host an opponent in the national championship England (3×3) at its stadium.

On September 15, as part of the next round of the national championship, five football matches will be held at once, the most interesting of which is the meeting Germany (3 × 3) – England (3 × 3). Bookmakers are going to accept pre-match bets until 20:10 Moscow time. Bookmakers are on the side of the German football club (3 × 3), which has seven victories in the last ten meetings, and this team also has a significant advantage in all statistics of personal meetings between these rivals.

Germany (3 × 3) – England (3 × 3). WHO FAVORITES THE MATCH?

After three away matches, the footballers of the German club (3 × 3) will finally play in their native walls, because on September 15 they will have a meeting against FC England (3 × 3). Those who have tickets for the game must take their seats in the stands before 20:10 Moscow time. It was this match that the football fans were waiting for, because there are some of the strongest football clubs, which always demonstrate a high level in face-to-face confrontations. As for the leader in personal meetings, it is the German football club (3 × 3), which won 34 matches and lost 24.

Germany (3 × 3)

Since in recent years the football club Germany (3 × 3) has constantly shuttled between divisions, no one expected that this year the hosts will be able to demonstrate a good level and will not be in the relegation zone. There were no significant gains in the summer, but even without them the team shows a well-coordinated game with a powerful attacking potential. The hosts score regularly in each round, which makes it possible to occupy the eighth line in the championship. It will no longer be possible to compete for European cups due to too much lag, but the German football club (3 × 3) does not strive for this, since this season the head coach was tasked with strengthening the team and working to strengthen weaknesses. Germany (3 × 3) does not play much better at home than on the road, but at home the team does not show too open football, and does not forget to go into defense. Today the team has a slight decline, since it has not been possible to win four matches already, and the reason for this may be the personnel situation, because the center forward, attacking midfielder and left winger are in the infirmary.

England (3 × 3)

Football club England (3×3) continues to disappoint its fans this season, as it is unlikely to qualify for the Champions League, and this will be the second time in a row. Now the guests are in sixth place, five points behind the required line, so if you can push, you can still make it to the most prestigious European tournament. But, with a strong home game, England (3 × 3) show weak results on the road, having lost six times, when there were only three wins. If the attack of the guests still demonstrates sharpness and regularly hits the goal of the opponents, then the defense has surrendered very much, since there are no defenders played, which is why you can often see uncoordinated actions in the defense of your own goal. In the last five matches, England (3 × 3) drew at home and won two wins, and had two losses away. Three key midfielders at once will not be able to enter the field due to injuries.

“Germany (3 × 3)” – “England (3 × 3)”: author’s forecast

On September 15, the organizers of the tournament carried out only one football match Germany (3 × 3) – England (3 × 3), so there is no doubt that at 20:10 Moscow time a lot of fans’ attention will be riveted on it. There are teams that are almost equal in strength, because the history of this confrontation also speaks of equal chances of winning, because if Germany (3 × 3) has seventeen victories, then the England football club (3 × 3) won nineteen of them.

Last season for football club Germany (3 × 3), although it made its debut in the top division, the team had a very good time, finishing at the top of the table and only a few points behind the European competition zone. But, in the offseason, the rivals sold out almost half of the home team, so this season the results have dropped significantly. Football club Germany (3 × 3) has never climbed higher than tenth place, and now it is only fifteenth. The advantage over the relegation zone is only three points, so the team should try to lose as few points as possible. Today the football club Germany (3 × 3) is not in the best shape, because recently there was a series of nine matches in which they did not manage to win a single victory. Only four points were scored, and only a victory in the last round was able to move the team a little away from the relegation zone. Germany (3 × 3) plays the worst offensive player, and this is due to the fact that the management sold the two best forwards, and the third striker is now in the infirmary.

After four defeats in a row, football club England (3 × 3) was left without a head coach, so that, since last month, a different mentor, who previously worked only in other championships, is in charge of the guests. The foreign specialist managed to improve the team’s game a little, because in the three matches played under his leadership there were two draws and one victory, so that the England football club (3 × 3) stopped losing. True, the new coach still has a lot of work to do, because the guests are only ninth in the standings, and the management wants this season to be able to qualify for the European competition. England (3 × 3) is still seven points behind them, but if the team continues their unbeaten run, they can close this gap. Moreover, England (3 × 3) does not play weaker on the road than at home. The guests have only a central defender in the infirmary, but he will not be able to play a defensive player yet, as he has too many yellow cards.

Today match Germany (3 × 3) – England (3 × 3) Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

Our experts have no doubt that in a football match where Germany (3 × 3) and England (3 × 3) will play, the favorite will easily deal with their rivals. Both the bookmaker’s analysts and our experts rightly believe that the England (3 × 3) team will not have any problems with their rivals. The guests, who are fighting for the highest places in the standings, are now in excellent shape and went to the home team in the fighting lineup. The home team is now experiencing enormous difficulties: not only does the club need to solve the problem of maintaining a residence permit, but also a large number of injured players of the base add to the problems. In light of these events, our experts believe that the guests will not just win the match, but will do it with a crushing score. Based on this, we recommend taking not only the victory of the England team (3 × 3) in this match, but also placing bets on the guests’ handicap. The total total of goals scored is seen more in this match, since the game promises to be fun, and if desired, the guests alone can break through the total offered by the bookmakers. Since the match is expected to be rather friendly, our experts believe that the players of both teams will try to play accurately so that they do not injure themselves or their opponents again. Yes, and in personal meetings, the teams only a few times punched the proposed total of yellow cards. Based on this, the overall total of yellow cards in the match is seen to be less.

Until a few years ago, no one would have thought that most famous football clubs would adopt attacking tactics. In previous years, football managers actively combined an attacking style of play with a defensive one, as a result, a kind of hybrid was obtained that allowed stronger teams to take the lead, and then, thanks to skillful defensive actions, close on the defensive, and calmly bring the match to victory. This style was used by many football clubs, but now everything has changed. With the arrival of a young group of coaches, the teams began to pay more and more attention to attack, forgetting about defense. Because of this, most matches end with a lot of goals scored. Moreover, even when the leader of the championship and one of the outsiders meet, both teams score in the match, only the leader scores a few more goals. Of course, fans like this approach, as football matches turn into an unforgettable show with an abundance of scoring chances and goals. Therefore, today our experts will try to predict the match between Germany (3 × 3) and England (3 × 3), in which, in our opinion, a lot of goals will be scored, because these teams can be attributed to clubs playing attacking football. … A more detailed description of the forecast can be found below, the only thing I would like to add is that the game should not disappoint all true football fans with its entertainment.

TODAY MATCH Germany (3 × 3) – England (3 × 3). FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

The experts of our resource predict not only matches in which the giants of modern football take part, but also matches in which football clubs are participants that do not fight for high places in the championship, just trying to look no worse than the giants. The main task of such clubs is to maintain their registration for the next season. Usually, such clubs are trans-shipment bases for talented young footballers, whom I take by more titled clubs. However, the matches of such teams as Germany (3 × 3) and England (3 × 3) are no less spectacular than the confrontation between famous football teams, in which famous football players play. Here, too, serious passions are boiling on the football field, and goals are scored no less spectacular than in the finals of famous tournaments. Our experts believe that the team Germany (3 × 3) and the team England (3 × 3), which are comfortably located in the middle of the standings, are quite capable of playing a productive match. This is evidenced by the statistics of these teams this season, as well as the matches among themselves, in which these clubs play productive football. The standings do not oblige these teams to play defensive football, because the relegation zone is very far away, and due to the small budget, these teams will not fight for the top places in the championship. Therefore, we think that today the teams can arrange a holiday for their fans, having played effectively, and, moreover, there is a high probability that the match will end in a draw.

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