German Hotel Academy: Grants for sommelier training to be awarded

Together with the Sommelier Union, the German Hotel Academy (DHA) is awarding two places for further training to become a sommelier (IHK) this year. The application deadline is July 31, 2022.

Sommeliers deal with wine, spirits, sake, cheese, cigars and all beverages that complete a perfect menu. The qualification usually takes place via a on-the-job training. The German Hotel Academy (DHA) imparts the technical know-how that prepares you for the qualification as a certified sommelier (IHK) and forms the basis for successful work as a sommelier. The Sommelier-Union Deutschland eV and the DHA are now awarding two scholarships for the popular course and are taking on the responsibility tuition fee in the amount of 2,926 euros each. Employees can apply online via until July 31, 2022 with a short motivational video. A requirement is one gastronomic education and/or relevant work experience in the hospitality industry.

Expert jury selects scholarship holders

The winners will be 15. August 2022 announced. A jury of experts, consisting of Anna Kauker, restaurant manager and sommelier in the restaurant, decides on the award Pottkind in CologneKatharina Röder, hostess and sommelier in the restaurant Bemberg’s cottagePeer F. Holm, President of the Sommelier Union Germany registered associationas well as Britta Giese, sommelier and BSc International Wine Economics consists.

“The Sommelier Union has been around for forty years impetus the industry. We have always been committed to the high quality of the training of our young people. With the DHA as a partner at our side, we are now looking forward to making a further contribution to the financial support young sommeliers,” explains President Peer F. Holm.

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To the sommelier in 14 months

Within 14 months, the DHA prepares prospective sommeliers for the Graduated from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce before. During their studies, the participants deal with international wine-growing regions, current trends and developments, sensors, tastings, beverage science from cognac to green tea, cellar technology and wine production. Basic business and legal knowledge and that Know-how professional wine sales and marketing are also part of the teaching content. “Our sommelier training can be characterized by a mix practical sensory training and digital boot camps to prepare for exams with a full-time job,” explains Merle Losem, Managing Director of the DHA.

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