German Corona app reports problems with iOS


Regular updates are important – but can also cause problems. This shows a current problem with the Corona warning app: Only users of the latest iOS version are affected.

Users of the federal corona warning app (Germany) may see a higher risk on iPhone models with the latest operating system version iOS 13.7 than they actually had. The developers of the app pointed this out in a blog entry on Friday.

“With the new iOS version released by Apple on September 1, there may be misleading risk calculations for a small number of users.” The problem was discovered during regular tests of the app by the developers.

Users of the application on Android devices and iPhones with an older iOS (up to and including version 13.6.1) are not affected by this error. “We are currently working flat out together with Apple on a solution so that the affected users under iOS 13.7 also receive a correctly calculated risk assessment again.”

The app, which is published by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), has now been downloaded over 18 million times. Since the release in June several bugs had been discovered and then fixed. A week ago, the developers of the app from SAP and Deutsche Telekom recommended that iPhone users install the latest operating system version 13.7, because Apple had significantly improved the technical interface (API) in recent weeks. It was not clear on Friday (September 11th) when Apple will publish an update in which the bug that has now been discovered will be eliminated.

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