Gdansk. World War II bomb neutralization. Beaches from Gdańsk Brzeźno to Mikoszewo are closed


The ban on approaching the beaches between Gdańsk Brzeźno and Mikoszewo is valid on Monday and Tuesday from 8.00 to 15.00 – informs the Government Security Center. A group of divers is to remove two World War II mines from the seabed.

Information on the possible removal of unexploded bombs was provided by the Maritime Office in Gdynia on Friday. On Sunday, the information was confirmed by the Government Center for Security, sending an alert in this matter. The announcement also appeared on Sunday on RCB’s Twitter.

Magdalena Kierzkowska, spokeswoman for the Maritime Office in Gdynia, announced that on September 14 and 15 in the area of ​​the Vistula Śmiała Canal in Gdańsk, an operation to displace (tow) and then neutralize two dangerous objects – German GC sea mines from the Second World War world.

“We call for compliance with the restrictions”

The operation will be led by the Miner Divers Group of the 8th Coastal Defense Flotilla. Removal of mines is necessary to maintain the safety of navigation in this area. Depending on the weather conditions, the operation is scheduled for two days. At the same time, the Maritime Office provided a reserve date for September 21-25, if the weather conditions deteriorated.

“For the sake of your safety, we call for compliance with the restrictions that will apply on the day of mine neutralization and compliance with the orders of the services involved in securing the course of their neutralization operations” – Kierzkowska said.

For the duration of the activities, a safety zone has been designated, in which restrictions and prohibitions will periodically apply: • 10,730 m for dripping – no bathing (the area along the shoreline of Gdańsk Bay in the section: from Gdańsk Brzeźno – JJ Haffner Brzeźno Park to Mikoszewo, Stegna commune – Reserve “Mewia Łacha” inclusive, • 1400 m for precision devices, measuring devices, • 2100 m for divers in the water – no underwater work is allowed, • 1000 m for ships – no passage, anchoring and fishing, • 500 m for people and livestock: debris shock zone – no people and livestock outside closed spaces (on land and water, along the channel of the Śmiała Wisła)


Planned destruction area and safety

The mines were located during control hydrographic measurements carried out by employees of the Maritime Office in Gdynia (Sea Measurements Department). These are non-contact German sea mines from the Second World War. The length of such an object is approx. 220 cm, diameter 70 cm, weight approx. 1000 kg, and the explosive it contains is hexanite. One object is located at a depth of 7.7 m, the other at a depth of 4.1 m. Currently, the planned action will be the second one this year to be carried out in the Gulf of Gdańsk. The first took place in June.

Fragmentation zone – a route for towing dangerous objects in the Vistula Śmiała

Main photo source: Polish Navy / 8.FOW

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