Gasoline and diesel rose again in a week

The cheapest petrol is refueled by drivers in the Ústí Region, where a liter is on average 33.62 crowns. Diesel is the cheapest in the Zlín Region, selling a liter there for an average of 31.42 crowns. On the other hand, the most expensive fuels are offered by pumps in Prague, where a liter of petrol costs an average of 34.43 crowns. Diesel is refueled there for 32.34 crowns per liter.

Fuels in the Czech Republic have been steadily rising in price since the beginning of the year. In July, the average price of gasoline climbed to 33.93 crowns per liter and diesel cost CZK 31.84 per liter. Prices fell slightly in August, but have been rising slowly since the beginning of September.

According to CCS, petrol is now 6.14 crowns per liter more expensive than a year ago, while motorists then paid 4.71 crowns per liter less for diesel.

The average price of fuel in the Czech Republic as of September 22

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Oil prices continued to rise on Wednesday after news that its stocks in the United States fell last week after two hurricanes more than expected. Weaker deliveries thus met higher demand.

Prices were also supported by the fact that some members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) have difficulty supplying more oil to the market than they have contractually agreed to.

Brent North Sea crude thus rose 1.65 percent to $ 75.59 a barrel around 5:00 pm CET. The U.S. light oil West Texas Intermediate (WTI) at the same time added 1.6 percent to $ 71.64 per barrel. On Tuesday, Brent strengthened by 44 cents and WTI by 35 cents.

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