Gamania Obtains the Agency for the Traditional Chinese Version of the Japanese Cygames Pinball RPG Mobile Game “Catapult World” | 4Gamers


Gamania announced today (20) that it has obtained the agency rights for the traditional Chinese version (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau) of the new pinball action RPG mobile game “Catapult World” jointly developed by Japanese game manufacturer Cygames and its subsidiary ‚ÄéCitail. The annual dual platform goes online.

The gameplay design of “Catapult World” is based on “Pinball”, adding RPG elements such as adventure plot, character training, and combat system. In addition, “Catapult World” inherits the exquisite style of Cygames’ works. Each character will be upgraded to a new style after evolution. The battle screen is in a 2D “dot pattern” style, with two completely different game visual effects. .

In the main storyline, players will accompany the protagonist and his partners on a journey, shuttled back and forth between the changing and colorful worlds. In addition to the popular characters “Callio Storo” and “Alyssa” from Cygames’ works, the game can also have adventures with new characters exclusive to “Catapult World”.


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