Galician elections: Gonzalo Caballero: “It is unworthy that schoolchildren were left without a computer” | Radio Coruña | Today for Today A Coruña


The PSOE candidate for the Presidency of the Xunta, Gonzalo knight, has been in the electoral interview of Radio Coruña Cadena SER. She asks people to vote progressive policies in line with the general and local elections to end, she says, with cuts: “That last year there were general and municipal elections and the socialist party obtained historic results, here in Coruña there is nothing more to.

Before the news about the rise of the BNG points out that in Galicia either the PP governs or the PSOE governs and there are no grounds for majority nationalism.

Aspiring socialist criticizes cuts in ten-year health of governments of Alberto Núñez Feijóo with a reduction in addition to taxes on the richest. Criticizes the abandonment of rural and public education.

He gives the example of the lack of means in education in this pandemic: “According to the Xunta, it was up to the principals to discern from those 30 students who did not have a computer, which 3 were going to get the Xunta’s computer and who would be the another 27 who were not going to have a computer, when there are sufficient budgets with the money contributed by the Government of Spain “. Gonzalo Caballero considers that it is “unworthy” that there were schoolchildren who were left without a computer. “We cannot assume it in the country we live in,” he added.

He considers that in eleven years there has been no industrial policy in Galicia despite the fact that the Xunta has full powers in industrial matters. It does not pronounce on the public intervention of Alui Ibérica. Remember that Galicia has 70,000 fewer employed workers than ten years ago.

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