Galicia: The judicial sector foresees an increase in cases in autumn and acknowledges being prepared | Radio Coruña


He judicial sector has also been affected by the impact of pandemic and the braking to the processing of judicial matters. During this month that ends it has decreased by 26% the income of new business in judicial bodies, which adds to the fall of the 32% registered last June.

The impact will be twofold, since the judicial sector expects that in the autumn all kinds of issues related to the months of confinement, from complaints for skipping the state of alarm to issues related to the processing of ERTEs. The president of TSXG, Jose Maria Gomez and Diaz-Castroverde, points out that justice is prepared, especially to work electronically: “The forecasts are that there will be an increase in issues but we are prepared, we have planned reinforcements, service commissions, and we think that when that occurs we will be able to face it and normalize again. the situation”

Despite the digital challenge is still present, to this is added the necessary reinforcement of judicial bodies that will be effective towards the end of this year.

Balance 2019

The president of the TSXG has presented the 2019 annual report. During the past year, the Galician courts and tribunals entered 330,956 new business, which represents an increase in 9’5% compared to 2018. At the same time, the finalized cases increased by almost a 20%, they were in total 325.072. The resolution rate was 9’5%, which indicates that more cases were resolved than were admitted throughout 2019.

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