Future and identity, mega Vox Italia event in Venice. Watch the video

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Sunday 13 September in the splendid scenery of Villa Foscarini in Stra (Venice) the conference was held Future and identity, organized by Vox Italy.

Watch the video on Affaritaliani.it.

Illustrious and well-known guests took part in the public: from Diego Fusaro a Alessandro Meluzzi, gives Sara cunial a Aleksandr Gel’evič Dugin.

“Never as today, in the last 40 years, have philosophers, sociologists, theologians, economists and people of good willthey got involved with a thousand difficultiesin safeguarding constitutional values ​​”as the organizers explain.” This special opportunity it is not by chance that it finds expression in Veneto, the economic heart of the country. We expect a multitude of informed and aware citizens to gather around him. Multiple satellite opportunities for meeting and direct confrontation with individual speakers “.

“It is the first national conference on principles and tools of freedom. The fourth political theory. National sovereignties and cultural values ​​as the only solution for the full well-being ofindividual, in a renewed and sustainable relationship with the planet.

In the most serious and dramatic historical moment it is crucial to realize the changes underlying the country’s rebirth, full awareness.

There is no more time! The changes underway require us to bring back to the center of thepolitical action the dignity ofindividual, the fruits of his labor. The defense and protection ofidentity, awareness, ofself-determination andinnate Italian creativity. The protection of the weakest and most fragile as a priority.”

“We have to ask ourselves if thecurrent political and economic system is transparent, resilient, fair, respects life in all its forms, has regard for nature and its resources and whether or not it encouragespeaceful evolution ofhumanity

(Mario Haussman, author of “The manifesto of sociosophy”)

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