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The CSU member of the Bundestag Katrin Staffler had invited to a virtual discussion on the future of vocational training. Together with trainees, trainers and representatives from vocational schools, she discussed the effects of digitization and the pandemic on vocational training in the districts of Dachau and Fürstenfeldbruck.

The reason for the discussion was the final report of the study commission “Vocational training in the digital world of work”, which was previously handed over to the President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble. Katrin Staffler, as chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group for the study commission, emphasizes: “It is important to me to talk about the challenges on the ground and what we can work on here in concrete terms. That is why I am particularly pleased about the mutual exchange Trainees, trainers and representatives of the vocational schools. ” By this the MP means, among others, Andrea Reuss, headmistress of the state vocational school Fürstenfeldbruck, Werner Braun, head master of the butcher’s guild Dachau and Freising, as well as the trainee Sebastian Zollbrecht, who as guests reported on their experiences on site. First Staffler informed about the final report of the study commission. The aim of this is to make vocational training for the digitized world of work future-proof. The report, which is over 500 pages long, contains more than 400 specific recommendations for all stakeholders.

The participants in the discussion were also able to contribute specific recommendations. There was agreement that vocational training should become more visible. This can be achieved, for example, through innovative formats on social media. Staffler adds: “We can still use a lot of potential in online career orientation. There are already excellent offers, but they should be bundled and made available in a central location.” It is also important that not only the challenges, but also the opportunities of digitization are seen and used. The MP emphasized: “Digitization also has a special effect on the craft. We have to learn a lot of new things. At the same time, however, we can also learn new things through new tools. We should take advantage of this opportunity!”

The Enquete Commission was set up by the German Bundestag and had the task of analyzing development prospects for training and further education in the digital world of work. The final report contains numerous recommendations: among other things, for the digital career orientation of young people, the digital infrastructure and the higher visibility of further training. The resolutions of the study commission are considered to be an important basis for legislation in the field of vocational training and a guideline for the coming government.

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The virtual discussion is part of the “Katrin Staffler invites” event series. Future events will be announced via katrin-staffler.de. You can also register here directly.


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