Funeral of Anton Kreitmair in Erdweg – visionary, fighter, friend and father – Dachau


It’s an impressive picture: Hundreds of friends and companions bid Anton Kreitmair a dignified farewell on Tuesday afternoon. The politician and farmer chairman died on Friday night at the age of only 57 of his serious cancer, which he had fought for a long time. Pastor Marek Bula reports in a sensitive speech that Kreitmair fell asleep peacefully at the end after he had consciously said goodbye to his family. That evening the pastor Anton Kreitmair had given the last sacraments.

Bula’s descriptions of Kreitmair’s peaceful farewell can possibly alleviate the pain of the relatives a little. Since the outbreak of his illness in February 2017, Kreitmair had never given up and he had remained optimistic to the end, as his close companions report. His deputy in the Dachau farmers’ association, Simon Sedlmair, tells the mourning community how Kreitmair attended a meeting of the district association two weeks ago and spoke lively with the people. “He was a treasure to us,” says Sedlmair.

Kreitmair funeral

One of the guests of honor at the lectern was Ilse Aigner, President of the Bavarian State Parliament.


Kreitmair’s willingness to help, his honesty and his reliability have characterized him throughout his life – all speakers report on this at his funeral service. Thanks to these qualities, too, there is probably so much interest this afternoon. Despite the pandemic and midsummer temperatures, people with masks and the necessary distance up to 100 meters in front of the cemetery walls to say goodbye. Kreitmair was a local councilor, Dachau farmer chairman, Upper Bavarian farmer president, district councilor, member of the state parliament, husband and, above all, a family man for his three now grown children. He was considered to be a sponsor of the youth, who appeared in large numbers at his funeral.

In addition to family, friends, companions, villagers and numerous farmers, such political figures as the Bavarian Agriculture Minister Michaela Kaniber and the President of the Bavarian State Parliament Ilse Aigner came. In order to say goodbye to Kreitmair, both left the CSU’s closed meeting in the state parliament ahead of time in the direction of Kleinberghofen, where the farmer grew up and ran his beloved Moslhof for decades. In her moving speech, Aigner describes Kreitmair as a “model example of a member of parliament” because he always felt obliged to his conscience. Politicians like him, who are free in their opinion and voting behavior, need a democracy. “He was a real fighter, steadfast, undisguised and credible. That made a big impression on me.”

The Bavarian farmer president Walter Heidl speaks with respect and appreciation of his long-term colleague. Until shortly before his death, Kreitmair campaigned for the farmers’ association and helped to define its goals. “He was an outstanding personality, a visionary thought leader, an outstanding person and a combative fighter,” says Heidl. Kreitmair, as one hears again and again this afternoon, did not allow himself to be bent, although he was always open to good arguments. In recent difficult times, he has always given the farmers courage and confidence, says Heidl. “It leaves a big void in the farmers’ association.”

Kreitmair’s appreciation was also always given to the rural women and women who speak highly of him. “He always accompanied our work with great respect. He had great appreciation for us women and has always encouraged us to participate politically and to take a stand,” says the Upper Bavarian district farmer Christine Singer. The Bavarian Agriculture Minister Michael Kaniber calls Kreitmair a “role model” and a “sincere friend and honest advisor”. Just in the past year, when the peasantry was confronted with numerous unjustified accusations, Kreitmair put himself “like a living protective shield” in front of the farmers. For Kaniber, Kreitmair was a tireless fighter who was particularly committed to the smaller family businesses. “He was an important moderator between agriculture, society and politics.”

The political representatives from Kreitmair’s home district of Dachau also had their say. His longtime CSU state parliament colleague Bernhard Seidenath emphasized that the loss of Kreitmair was a “heavy blow” for the Dachau and Erdweger CSU. With his charm and straightforwardness, Kreitmair always found the connection to people. “With Toni we are losing a wonderful person who never focused on himself but always on the matter.” The Dachau District Administrator Stefan Löwl (CSU) recalled that Kreitmair had a “mischievous, honest sense of humor”, which, however, did not mean that he could not pronounce uncomfortable truths. Kreitmair was always considered honest and straightforward.


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