Fulvio Marino, the recipe for monococco pizza

Wonderful the monococco pizza by Fulvio Marino today 28 May 2021 for the recipes It is always noon, the recipe for focaccia with cooked ham, mozzarella, tomato and basil. Once again a fabulous recipe by Fulvio Marino, once again a delicacy to try immediately, perfect for Saturday or Sunday because we need some time in the kitchen between one leavening and another. A tall focaccia that we hope to know how to prepare as Fulvio Marino does in a perfect way. Here is the recipe for today’s focaccia pizza from It’s always noon but don’t miss the other Friday recipes with Antonella Clerici.


Ingredients: 1 kg of einkorn flour, 700 g of cold water, 7 g of fresh brewer’s yeast, 22 g of salt, 30 g of olive oil

Preparation: in the bowl pour the flour, the fresh brewer’s yeast, which we can replace with 200 g of mother yeast, knead by adding almost all the cold water. Only then add the salt and the rest of the water, knead and then at the end, as always, add the olive oil and complete the dough.

Let it rest for 30 minutes at room temperature covered then pour on the counter with very little flour and make the reinforcing folds, they are used to give strength to the gluten.

We wet our hands with very little water and fold the loaves, let them rise in bowls greased with oil and covered with film, 1 hour in the fridge and then 1 hour at room temperature.
Pour plenty of oil into the pan, let the dough fall gently, turn in the oil and widen the focaccia up to the point it reaches, if well leavened it will expand everything but if it does not widen, let it rest again and then roll it out creating the classic holes of the flat bread.

Let it rise for 2 hours at room temperature and bake at 250 ° C for 15 minutes in the penultimate part at the bottom of the oven.

We make focaccia or simply put on top of slices of tomato, cooked ham and hand-torn buffalo mozzarella, thyme and abundant basil.

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