From this Friday, Click & meet will no longer apply, as will the mandatory test

Looking forward to customers in the store: Nicol Kölling, branch manager at Schuhhaus Geller.

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Nicol Kölling from Schuhhaus Geller on Oststraße is happy. On this Friday, your customers will no longer have to make an appointment before they go shopping, as will the test.

Meinerzhagen – No more click & meet – no more going to the test center before trying on the first shoe. “No question about it, we are really happy,” says the manager of the Meinerzhagen branch.

Since December 18, 2020, she has had to alternately implement the rules of click & meet and click & collect – that wasn’t always easy, reports Nicol Kölling. “At times that gave rise to a lot of discussions with customers. The rules had to be explained, and sometimes we felt displeasure about them, ”recalls the branch manager.

40 people allowed at the same time

The Geller employee is not at all afraid of the risk of infection in her business increasing as a result of the relaxation: “Our business has never been a source of contagion. During the entire pandemic, there was only one infected employee in our branches, but she was infected in private, “reports Nicol Kölling. Starting this Friday, she can let in one customer per 20 square meters of space. “With a size of 800 square meters, that makes 40 people who are allowed in at the same time,” the Meinerzhagener has calculated.

In addition to the effect of the relief made possible by the incidence in the Märkischer Kreis between 50 and 100, Nicol Kölling also expects more customers due to the weather: “In the past few weeks the weather has been bad, but now it should be much better”, she looks forward to the future.

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Special status for bookshops

Wolfgang Schmitz from the bookstore of the same name Zur Alten Post has also gained experience with click & collect and click & meet in his shop: “That was the case at the height of the pandemic this spring.” For some time now, however, he has benefited from the special status, the bookstore was admitted: “We have been letting customers into the shop for three weeks, so that nothing will change for us this Friday,” reports the shop owner. With one customer per 20 square meters of sales area, Wolfgang Schmitz could theoretically let in eight visitors at the same time. “But so many actually only come to us during the Christmas business at the same time. In practical terms, that means that our business has almost normalized, ”says the bookseller happily. The man from Meinerzhagen is not afraid that the elimination of the obligation to test before shopping will increase the risk of infection for him and his employees: “For example, we keep the distance, we can ventilate. And the incidence in Meinerzhagen is now really in the green area. “

Lienenkämper „happy“

“We cheer, we are happy. This removes a huge hurdle. ”Jan Lienenkämper from the bed and linen house on Hauptstrasse takes a load off his heart. The triggers for the feelings of happiness are – of course – the relaxation that will apply from this Friday. “In theory, we should be able to let 40 customers into our sales area at the same time. Of course, this is not exhausted. So many customers come at the same time like never before. And we ourselves will impose a limit on the number of customers in the store, ”the local businessman announced.

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Only two cabins open

Safety rules will continue to be implemented in the lower shop. Jan Lienenkämper: “We will only open two of our three changing rooms, the middle one will remain locked. And of course the mask requirement continues to apply and we will also point out to customers that they disinfect their hands before entering the rooms. ”He is not afraid of getting infected through the“ closer ”customer contacts:“ I take the risk for very little, because we will continue to adhere to the precautionary measures. “

Lienenkämper also sells mattresses and beds on the upper floor. This requires intensive advice in order to do justice to every visitor. Jan Lienenkämper therefore makes a small restriction: “It would be nice if customers would still register for this. Because such conversations are usually time-consuming. “

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