From the bond between humans and octopuses, the reality of the impact of fishing, the nightlife of animals … 6 gems of environmental documentaries that delve into the mysteries and current status of nature. | Vogue Japan

Filmmaker and diver Craig Foster meets an octopus while filming a documentary about the marine environment. He goes to the same octopus every day for a year, swims and plays with him, and gradually develops friendships. This work pursues a strange and moving bond between humans and octopuses, but the relationship has an unexpected and sad ending. This film, which won the Documentary Film Award at the 93rd Academy Awards, is also recommended for watching with children.

“Kiss the Ground: The Future of the Earth Saved by the Earth” (2020)

The impact of life on soil, the worsening soil pollution, and the impact of polluted environments on human health ── “Kiss the Ground: The Future of the Earth Saved by the Earth” (2020) is “Soil” Thoroughly delve into the vicious circle between people. Amid discussions among scientists, activists, and politicians, regenerative agriculture (environmental regeneration-type agriculture), which aims to improve the overall natural environment while promoting soil regeneration, is one solution. Be introduced. Actor Woody Harrelson will be the narrator, and celebrities who take the lead in environmental issues such as Gisele Bundchen, Rosalia Dawson, Tom Brady, and Ian Joseph Somerhalder will also appear as guests, and they will be serious while exchanging their opinions. It conveys the current situation.

“Night on Earth” (2020)


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