From August, the United States will stop issuing American visas to Russians – UNIAN

This situation arose due to the small number of US diplomats who remained to work in Moscow.

Russians will no longer be issued visas to the United States / Photo by Depositphotos

The United States will stop issuing American visas and other consular services in Russia to Russian citizens from August 1.

The US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan told about this in a commentary to the Dozhd newspaper.

He argues that, due to the reduction in the number of staff, consular services are “unable to process any visa applications.”

“After August 1, very few people will work here, which is why we will not be able to provide consular services, which, as I know, both Americans and Russians need so much,” he said.

The ambassador explained that this situation arose due to the small number of diplomats who remained to work in Moscow.

“And this is not just an obstacle in terms of US-Russian relations. It has serious personal implications for families, as well as commercial implications for businesses — both American and Russian,” he said.

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Departure of the Ambassadors of Russia and the United States

Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov left Washington in mid-March: after the release of an interview with Joe Biden, where he answered in the affirmative when asked whether he considered Putin a murderer, the diplomat was summoned “for consultations.”

US Ambassador John Sullivan left Moscow in late April to consult with the new White House administration. Before that, on April 15, the United States imposed new sanctions against Moscow, among which was the expulsion of ten Russian diplomats from Washington, and the Russian Federation responded in a mirror-like manner and recommended that the American ambassador return to his homeland temporarily.

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On June 16, at a meeting in Geneva, US and Russian Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin agreed to return the ambassadors.

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