from 1 August the grace period returns 15 days


Once the Coronavirus emergency has subsided, from 1 August 2020 the period of car liability tolerance that the Cura-Italy decree had extended to 30 days, returns to the canons 15

In March, in the most dramatic moment of the Coronavirus emergency, the Government with the Cura Italia decree then converted into law the following month, he had extended another 15 days, until July 31, 2020, the so-called ‘grace period‘(or period of default or of behavior) that keeps the motor liability insurance in the first two weeks after the deadline, bringing it in fact to 30 days. This is to facilitate policyholders who, due to the lockdown, could have difficulty proceeding with the renewal. But since the Covid emergency has fortunately subsided, even if we must always remain vigilant, from the so-called ‘high floors’ they did not consider it necessary to extend the extension, so from 1 August 2020 the grace period returns 15 days.


Since we return to normal, we hope forever, let’s do a quick summary on grace period of the RC car. The article 170-bis paragraph 1 of the Code of Private Insurance provides that the compulsory car insurance contract with an annual duration (or, at the request of the insured, of year plus fraction,), it automatically resolves on natural expiration and it cannot be tacitly renewed. The insurance company is obliged to notify the policyholder of the expiration of the contract with at least 30 days’ notice, and to “keep operating, no later than the fifteenth day after the expiry of the contract, the guarantee provided with the previous insurance contract until the effect of the new policy“. Therefore, regardless of the insured’s intentions, the validity of the expiring policy is extended by 15 days, i.e. from the day after the expiry indicated on the contract until 23:59 on the fifteenth following day.


For the benefit of our users, and thanks to a schematic prepared by ASAPS, here are the deadlines to take into consideration now that we return to the normal timing of the grace period, bearing in mind that the 30-day extension was valid only for expired and not yet renewed policies and for policies expiring in the period included between February 21, 2020 and July 31, 2020.

Example 1
insurance expired on 1 July: extension of validity until 31 July, in the event of non-renewal, the car is discovered from 1 August 2020;

Example 2
insurance expired on 20 July: extension of validity until 19 August, in the event of non-renewal the car is discovered from 20 August 2020;

Example 3
insurance expired on 31 July: extension of validity until 30 August, in case of non-renewal the car is discovered from 31 August 2020;

Example 4
insurance expired on 1 August: the extension of validity is again 15 days, so the car is covered until 16 August and, without renewal, discovered from 17 onwards.


The Cura-Italy decree also had extended for a further 60 days, again until 31 July 2020, the deadline by which, for claims with damage to property or persons, the insurance company must propose the offer for compensation to the injured party o communicate the reasons why it does not intend to proceed to the same (the standard term for damage to property and of 60 days from the claim for compensation and from 30 when the CAI form was signed by both drivers, while for personal injury it is 90 days). The 60-day extension ordered by the Government also operated in cases of necessary intervention by the expert or the coroner, for the purpose of assessing the actual damage suffered by things or people.

However even this rule has not been confirmed, and therefore from 1 August 2020 the ordinary terms of 60 (or 90) days from the request for compensation and 30 days (only for property damage) are returned in the event of signing the CAI form by all drivers involved in the accident.

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