Friendly match Caen-Paris FC (0-1): the supporters were finally able to vibrate


Masks, a steward who disinfects balloons, a scattered audience … The next world, football version, began this Saturday, July 11. For the first time since March 8 and the match between Lille and Lyon in Ligue 1, spectators were able to return to the stadium. An hour after the start of the friendly between Chambly and Boulogne-sur-Mer, it was in Caen that the end of a very long four-month truce sounded, for a pre-season opposition against Paris FC.

Against the balustrade of the annex 3 field of the training complex, Annick savored his return: “I saw it again, there. It was missing, since the last league match in Caen at the end of February (Editor’s note: Caen-Grenoble, in Ligue 2, February 28). I am happy to see our players again. Her husband waited an hour and a half last Tuesday in a long queue to get two precious sesames. Some 150 people were able to enter this Saturday, not counting those who came against the gates to see the match from a distance.

Assistance respects health rules

“We could have opened more, but that’s already it, poses the president of SM Caen Fabrice Clément. We were in want and it is a great relief to see that after a long time having to manage the Stade Malherbe business, the football club takes back its rights. Accustomed to playing his friendly matches on the field of local amateur clubs, Caen is making his first pre-season oppositions this year on his training complex. “We can more easily manage the protocol,” says the manager.

A protocol recalled by the stadium announcer: distancing between small groups of supporters, no autograph, or even prohibition to return a ball directly out of the playing area, time to spray it with disinfectant spray. Without forgetting, of course, the mask. A first for Josian: “And certainly not the last! We will have to get used to it. In any case, I come without apprehension. The small assistance respects the rules and seems serene. She is also lucid, like Thibault: “I am a nurse, I was on the front line and I know that we must not take unnecessary risks. The passion is there, it’s great to find friends at the stadium, but you have to respect the barrier gestures. “

On the field, the players play without mask and without fear. The duels are disputed. On the one hand the coaches give instructions in front of condemned sidelines. The rest of the staff and the replacements are on the other side. The two teams, at the start of preparation after a break of unprecedented length, do not offer a great show. “It’s normal, it’s the beginning. We must not look at the performance, “tempers a faithful expert. The little story will remember that Paris FC won (1-0), one of these very first matches in public after.

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