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[New Tang Dynasty Beijing May 04, 2021]The method of egg fried rice is simple and delicious. A bowl of leftover rice and two eggs can be cooked into one meal. But when cooking, do you add eggs first? Add rice first? Or put it together? The order of preparation cannot be sloppy. The order of eggs and rice is one of the keys to the deliciousness of egg fried rice. Let’s take a look at the steps and key points to make a delicious egg fried rice!

Egg fried rice steps

1. The first thing is to prepare a bowl of leftover rice. The rice is better to be looser. If the rice is too sticky, it won’t taste fragrant.

2. Prepare some carrots, ham, diced cucumber, diced potatoes, diced bacon, etc. These ingredients are fried together in the rice to taste better. Fry the ingredients, put oil in the pan, pour the cut ingredients into the pan when the oil is hot, fry them and remove them for later use.

3. Pour the leftover rice into the pot, stir-fry evenly, then pour in the evenly stirred eggs. Pour the eggs into the pan and stir fry, and finally pour in the fried ingredients. Add a little salt and stir-fry evenly. Add the chopped green onion and it’s ready to cook.

When many people cook egg fried rice, they will first put the egg into the pan and fry, and then pour the rice after it is fried. Egg fried rice is also delicious, but if you put eggs later, the rice particles will be covered with eggs, which would be better eat.

Egg Fried Rice Focus

1. The focus of rice

Fried rice with eggs, fried rice or scrambled eggs first? (Image source: Adobe Stock)
Fried rice with eggs is more delicious with cold rice.

(1) It’s better to use cold rice

The starch in the hot rice is all gelatinized, the viscosity is very high, and the rice grains are easy to stick to each other, so that the fried rice grains are not loose enough.

The cold rice has lost part of its water, the rice grains are relatively dry and hard, and the viscosity is reduced. The egg liquid can better cover each rice grain, making it more distinct to eat.

(2) A little water grabs loose rice

Cold rice and overnight rice have low water content and often form hard and dry balls. At this time, you can put the rice on the sieve, soak the rice slightly with cold water, grab the rice grains evenly, spread them, and drain them before use.

You can also slowly pour in a little filtered water while stir-frying to help the rice disperse.

2. The key points of hot stir

After heating the pan, pour in the right amount of oil, shake the pan gently to let the noodles eat the oil completely, pour out the excess oil, and re-add the right amount of cold oil. When the oil temperature rises to about 80 degrees Celsius, you can add the egg liquid and stir fry. This can prevent the egg liquid and rice from burning easily due to the high temperature of the oil.

Too high oil temperature will also release starch from the rice, causing the rice grains to be too soft and rotten.

3. The focus of firepower

Chinese fried rice is often quickly stir-fried over high fire, and served on a pan in a short time. Because when the rice is cooked, the oil temperature will drop rapidly. To ensure that the oil temperature is maintained at a certain temperature, it will be stir-fried over a high fire to allow the rice to conduct heat quickly and thoroughly.

4. The key to stir fry

When you fry the rice, remember not to press it with a spatula, otherwise the rice will stick into a whole ball and spoil the appearance and taste. It is recommended to use a spatula to break up the rice grains by cutting, or to loosen the white rice in advance.

5. The focus of seasoning

After the rice is cooked evenly, turn the heat to a low heat, then add green onions, salt, soy sauce and other seasonings according to personal preference, and then quickly stir-fry over high heat for about 10 seconds to let the fragrance of the green onions release and you can start the pot.

In addition to adding chopped green onions before cooking, some people like to add chopped green onions after frying the eggs and stir fry them with rice. This method will make the aroma of green onions more intense.

Do not pour the “soy sauce” directly on the rice. It is recommended to pour it from the side of the pot. The heat of the pot will make the sauce have a caramel-like taste and aroma.

My friend, when you make egg fried rice, should you start with fried eggs or rice? I hope this article is helpful to you, and you can also make fragrant egg fried rice in the future!

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