Frida Sofía attacks again Alejandra Guzmán


Enrique Guzmán stated that Frida does not want to have a relationship with her family. Photo: Instagram ifridag


Singer Camila Fernandez, daughter of “el Potrillo”, highlighted the work of his father Alejandro to report the coronavirus and confessed that refugees are in a place that they prefer not to reveal. Where will it be?

4. After it was published that Ninel Conde had been unfaithful to Giovanni Medina During a trip they made with their son, the alleged victims, the couple made up of Laura Urrea and José Kawas, denied these statements in “De Primera Mano”.

In addition, it was discovered that both Giovanni Medina and their son appear in the reflection in the photo with which they wanted to point out the “Bombón Asesino”.

3. Franco Paolo, the son that Fernando Luján had with Martha Mariana, assures that he has a lot to learn from his family members who also dedicate themselves to the artistic medium.

He is focusing on making musical compositions. Among other things, mentioned that there are controversies for some goods that belonged to his father, but that does not seem to take away his sleep.

2. Almost a year after the death of one of the television favorites, Edith González, It was Lorena Velázquez who assured that Constanza, Edith’s daughter, has a very large family that loves her.

In addition, he supported the Lorenzo Lazo’s new love relationship, the widower, and revealed that Doña Ofelia, the mother, has not yet assimilated the death of the actress.

1. When many believed that there would be no more conflict between Frida Sofía and Alejandra Guzmán, at least in this time of contingency for the Covid-19, the statements of Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter on social networks reminded us that things have not improved and could even go worse, since Enrique Guzmán already declared that Frida does not want to have a relationship with his family.

In some interviews, Frida Sofía has revealed that she would like to receive a sincere hug from the rocker, but she has also revealed that her mother has invited her to consume drugs like her.


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