Fresh, Alba Carrillo’s dog, and other famous pets


Fresh, the new dog member of Alba Carrillo’s family, already has Instagram. The ‘Ya es noon’ collaborator has created a profile on this social network for her new pet and ‘SoyelpequenogranFresh’ already has about 1,300 followers. But Fresh is not the only mascot of a public figure that is sweeping the networks. We have compiled other profiles of pets with famous owners that are sweeping the Internet. Do you want to know them?

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Fresh by Alba Carrillo

This adorable puppy was the gift that the model’s classmates in ‘It’s Noon’ gave her for her last birthday. Fresh has earned a place in the heart of her human and dog family. We love you Fresh!

Rosito, Mayka’s stuffed animal in ‘The Island of Temptations’

It is true, it was not a flesh and blood pet but it was the bear that has given the most to talk about in recent weeks. Rosito was the stuffed animal that Mayka gave Pablo before separating in ‘The Island of Temptations 2’ to take care of him. Rosito ended up at the stake for Mayka’s infidelity with Oscar and has become a Trending Topic. ‘DEP Rosito’.

Herry, by Andrés Velencoso

The Golden Retriever of the model and actor is one of the most popular on Instagram and has his own profile that has almost 25,000 followers.

Diana, the mascot of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

Nothing more and nothing less than almost 160,000 followers has Diana, the actress’s dog and the singer who delights her followers with tender snapshots with their owners.

Paris Hilton’s pets

Thanks to this Instagram account we can know, in great detail, how the pets of the influencer and rich heiress live.

Baloo, Sergi Roberto and Coral Simanovich’s dog

The FC Barcelona player’s dog and his wife have an Instagram profile with numerous images, some with his dog sister, Mocha, who also has her own account on social networks (mocha_SS).

Miss Asia Kinney, by Lady Gaga

Thanks to this Instagram account, which has 224,000 followers, we can meet all the dogs that surround the international singer

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