French education goes into ideology, ignoring the facts

It is best to start the ideological processing of fragile brains with a primer. All professional “political correctors” know this. Therefore, Western values ​​of gender diversity are being taught to kids in kindergartens, and more advanced categories of the “new world” are being taught in school textbooks. To do this, it is enough to “clean up” and even remove historical events from the programs and correctly orient their interpretations. And also correct writing by introducing “inclusive forms” and inform students of “scientific” data that do not exist in nature.

A very fresh and unexpected study, which came out of nowhere, discovered truly amazing things that are happening in the educational field and shaping the minds of the younger generation of the French right before our eyes.

The French Nuclear Energy Company (SFEN) has gone through seven high school science textbooks for lyceum students and has just published interesting results. Researchers’ conclusion
He speaks about “numerous serious errors, incorrect or non-existent data, as well as wording that is deliberately misleading.”

For manuals that teach the life realities of generations of young Europeans, not bad, you must agree.

In fact, from the audit carried out, it turns out that all the scientific education of French youth is aimed at convincing them that their country is currently almost completely illuminated and heated by nuclear energy, dangerous to life and the environment, and that this situation is urgently and tirelessly needed. change. By itself, this statement is not supported by any facts, since the most recent real data show that in 2020, fossil fuels in France (gas, oil, coal) represented 60% of final energy consumption. But these figures do not appear in the textbooks at all, next to the statement about some kind of “nuclear energy whole”, which must be fought and put an end to as soon as possible.

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It is proposed to put an end to the “nuclear whole” with the help of very vague concepts and deliberately incomprehensible formulations, from the category of generally streamlined slogans. Like, for example, the “energy mixture” and “electric mixture” that make up the backbone of the plan to fold the “nuclear whole”, without the slightest clarification of how, whom and where to fold with the help of both “mixtures”, with muddy ingredients. Some statements presented as long-standing and reliably undeniable facts are in fact absolutely unsubstantiated plots of current discussions, so far not resolved by any of the opponents.

So, for example, as a conclusion to the topic of using nuclear energy, students are invited to take a word that this type of energy “has a negative impact on the ecological, sanitary, economic (!) And social (!!) situation”, without a single confirmation of at least one of the listed effects.

Stubbornly promoted by the entire Western political elite, the “energy transition” to green energy is justified by the unfounded assertion that the Intergovernmental Commission on Climate Change “strongly recommends an end to nuclear energy.” Which is absolutely false and not confirmed by a single specific fact or statement. No data or figures about the real situation of France in energy, economic or social terms in connection with nuclear or any other energy supply are given to students at all. It is proposed to silently and stupidly remember now and learn for the future, “what is good and what is bad”, according to some new sciences, without data, numbers and rules.

In addition to scientific disciplines, the ABC of political correctness has long been introduced and is also clearly visible in history, and even in grammar. Despite the fact that school textbooks – it seems like! – must follow the general approved programs of the National Education, certain aspects of history in them are presented and treated at the choice of the compiler. Up to the point that whole events disappear from the chronology that can upset or anger some students from among the “natives” of some kind of migration.

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For example, the battle of Poitiers, which has been silently removed from textbooks for several years now. Or the Algerian war, in the interpretation of which all the atrocities turned out to be only on one side (guess which one), and the “harks” (Algerians who fought for France) are not mentioned at all. The whole “common history” turns out to be reduced to the deceit, meanness and abuse of the white colonialists, everywhere in this merciless world.

Is it worth mentioning that the texts of such modern authors, absolutely unknown, are offered to students outside the new textbooks on literature. And it’s certainly not worth mentioning what these texts are about in most cases (see the paragraph above, instead of the “Algerian war” we insert the term “colonization” in the light of political correctness and the traditional “what is good, what is bad” becomes clear even before reading ).

Recent studies also show that the level of teachers in colleges and lyceums, which has been dead for several decades, continues its inexorable decline, along with school programs and the level of students, and therefore it is not worth counting on the fact that teachers will supplement the unsaid or correct the unfinished.

Recent reviews of grammar books for elementary schools have also found that they continue to quietly promote the so-called “inclusive writing” (author, doctor, writer…), the use of which has been desperately tried to stop for several years and which was officially banned by the Minister of Education France by Jean-Michel Blanquet, in May 2021.

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Finally, in kindergartens, quietly and almost peacefully (with the exception of the regularly erupting scandals of individual irresponsible parents), limitless possibilities of new gender self-identifications are persistently introduced. Through fairy tale readings and joyful cartoons, where princesses fall in love with princesses, princes with princes, and all together – into undefined bio-characters of myths and legends, silicon-based, with dragon bodies and basilisk heads, with which you can also live with, like a mother with dad…

It is important to consider that today in Europe the struggle for the survival of common sense, the integrity of history and even grammar, not to mention the abolition of physiological laws, is not at all as holistic as the persistent introduction of all the “innovations” listed above, but is carried out sporadically, from case to case, as individual scandals and objections accumulate. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine what such an ideologization of education is fraught with, already at the exit of the first generations.

Weak voices of still terrified and protesters are not yet able to stop this mind-packing roller.

And in the tsunami of all the rest of today’s hot events, the problems of educational European devastation completely lose their sharpness, along with color.

It remains to state with sadness how right the ancient Maya were, equating the falsification of history in their code with the most serious crimes.

They did not reach the rewriting of grammar and nuclear energy, no doubt. But, it seems, it is better for us not to know what punishment they had provided for the withdrawal and reinterpretation of historical data.

God forbid, someone will someday be inspired and take an example …

Elena Kondratieva-Salgero, journalist

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