French army testing Boston Dynamics robot dog – photo and video

Cadets of the Saint-Cyr military school (France) During the exercise, they tested the Spot robot dog of the American company Boston Dynamics, which was sent on reconnaissance.

About it informs edition of The Daily Mail

In addition to the robot dog, during the training they also used the OPTIO-X20 tracked turret, the ULTRO reconnaissance robot and the Barakuda support robot with a shield. To determine the effectiveness of their use, all three exercise scenarios (offensive and defensive operations day and night, urban combat) were first carried out by military personnel independently, and then – together with robots.

Spot and ULTRO robots were used for reconnaissance, OPTIO-X20 for fire support, and Barakuda was supposed to protect groups of soldiers. The robot dog turned out to be Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, can detect and avoid obstacles, climb stairs and open doors. It can also be used when performing hazardous tasks in a variety of adverse conditions.

It turned out that operations with robots were slower, but thanks to the robot dog, deaths were avoided. According to one of the military, in a training battle without robots, he was killed, but with Spot he survived, as the robot was sent on reconnaissance.

At the same time, the soldiers complained that Spot was quickly discharged and they had to carry the 31-kilogram work on themselves.

The four-legged robot dog costs $ 75,000 and has been developed by Boston Dynamics for many years. He was released in June 2020, one of the first customers was Elon Musk’s SpaceX firm.

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As reported by “Apostrophe”, a video of the Chinese robotics firm Unitree, on which four-legged machines move synchronously, was published on the network.


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