Freiburg: tree kills man and dog – panorama

Heavy thunderstorms in Baden-Württemberg have led to numerous police and fire brigade operations. In Freiburg, a man and his dog were killed by a tree. The 64-year-old was walking in a park with his wife and the hunting dog on Thursday evening when an oak tree and its roots suddenly fell over due to an approaching thunderstorm, the police said. The woman was unharmed.

In Freiburg, a 30-meter-high tree fell on Thursday evening, burying two cars under it. People were not injured. In total, there were around 30 weather-related police operations within one hour in the area of ​​responsibility of the Freiburg police headquarters. It was said that mostly falling construction fences, falling bricks or falling trees were reported.

In Konstanz, railway lines had to be closed because of the storm, trees had fallen on overhead lines and tracks. The German Weather Service (DWD) expects severe weather with heavy rain and hail for Friday. While only a few clouds will appear in the morning and it will remain dry, the sky is expected to become more and more overcast during the day and thunderclouds can appear in the afternoon. Then it should rain heavily again and sometimes hailstones can fall.

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