Freiburg: Hermann Maier (Head of the Department for Schools and Education in Freiburg) is retiring – Lord Mayor Martin Horn praised the outgoing Head of Department’s commitment

Hermann Maier, head of the Office for Schools and Education (ASB) since 2015, will retire at the end of the year. Born in Schiltach (Rottweil district), he had already taken care of the Freiburg schools from 1995 to 2008 at the state education authority. First as a school inspector for special schools and secondary schools, then as deputy head of the Freiburg State Education Authority.

Hermann Maier began his pedagogical career at the beginning of the eighties after studying at the University of Education in Freiburg and studying special education in Reutlingen, then in teaching at various schools in Baden-Württemberg. Before being elected as Freiburg’s head of education in 2015, Maier was a consultant and facilitator for German schools abroad in Peru for six years.

As head of the ASB, Hermann Maier has played a decisive role in promoting numerous large-scale projects and ongoing tasks for the 66 Freiburg schools: In addition to processes such as the renovation and digitization of schools, concepts for new schools such as the Staudinger School and the future lighthouse school for Dietenbach, Hermann Maier never has that Lost view of the individual adolescents and children. In addition to management and the necessary administrative work, the topics of inclusion, participation and intercultural competence were particularly close to his heart. It was very important for him to offer children and young people good learning and school conditions for a good start in life.

In the past two years, Hermann Maier also focused on the challenging crisis management of the corona pandemic. From the lockdown for schools with home schooling last year to the current situation with test strategy, pool tests and quarantine rules, the Office for Schools and Education has to cope with highly complex requirements in consultation with the responsible ministries in Stuttgart.

At a small corona-compliant celebration on Thursday, Mayor Martin Horn praised the outgoing head of department’s commitment: “With an impressive amount of passion, commitment, calm and professionalism, Hermann Maier managed the Freiburg schools even in difficult times.” versatile technical expertise, his precise and patient work as well as his empathic and friendly manner earned a high degree of respect.

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