Free passes to compensate for the descent and the covid-19


The season ticket campaign for the 2020-21 season that Espanyol has presented this afternoon is, most likely, the strangest it will have to live. There are three aspects: the relegation to Segona, the uncertainty caused by the covid-19 pandemic and the celebration of the 120th anniversary, which the club has taken into account when offering its subscribers a series of compensations . Atypical solutions for an atypical season.

The highlight, as they had anticipated a few weeks ago, is the free subscription for the entire 2020-21 academic year for those partners who decided to choose a compensation for next season. Thus, only new subscribers who sign up will pay – 50% of the price last year. At the moment, they have about 28,000, although the goal is to get closer to 30,000, and expand a base that has continuity for the future. “The club has done everything it had to do, it has put all the money on the table so that it doesn’t cost anyone anything to be a member. We have given everything because the partner is the most important and we want their support to return to Primera “, commented the CEO, José María Durán Farré.

Although it is not yet known for sure when it will be able to receive spectators at the RCDE Stadium again, the club’s internal forecasts estimate that there could be a public return in January 2021, ie from the second round onwards. . In the event that spectators are unable to attend at least 40% of the matches, Espanyol will compensate new subscribers with discounts that would apply for the following season, 2021-22. The white-and-blue club last year received close to 10 million euros between season tickets and box office, money that will no longer be provided in the budget for next year.

Tribute to the 120th anniversary

The cards of the 2020-21 academic year will include some outstanding images of the club’s history, mythical protagonists such as Zamora, Tamudo, Lardín, Marañón, Molinos, among others, whom you want to remember. In addition, throughout the year the organization plans to celebrate its 120th anniversary with various events, which will be celebrated on October 28, with a series of events. Depending on what the evolution of the pandemic allows, Espanyol wants to hold events dedicated to the fans, in addition to inaugurating the audiovisual room, paying tribute to the founder, Àngel Rodríguez, or presenting a book on the 120th anniversary of the ‘story that, they hope, may have as its epilogue the return to Primera. “It will be an uncertain, difficult campaign, in which we did not want to play, but we will do it with the courage that this club requires. Playing in Segona is very hard, doing it without our people is very hard “, said the president of the Fundació de l’Espanyol, Antoni Fernández Teixidó.


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