France team – Benzema: five years of mess, Deschamps accused

Criticized for not having summoned Karim Benzema for years, Didier Deschamps is also pushed into the ropes with the return of the French striker.

The return of Karim Benzema continues to react. In the columns of L’Equipe, Michel Platini notably questioned the management of Didier Deschamps. ” All that for this ! Why not have it taken over earlier, if there is no problem? Everyone knows that Benzema sportingly deserves to be in the French team ” launched the ex-playmaker of Juventus Turin and the French team. Asked to react to Michel Platini’s comments on La Chaîne L’Equipe, Pierre Nigay fully shared the analysis of the former UEFA boss. For the journalist, who has long followed the France team on a daily basis, it is clear that Didier Deschamps has to account after having snubbed Karim Benzema for more than five years before bringing him back to one month from the Euro. The timing questions, just as much as the reasons for this unexpected reconciliation.

“I completely agree with Platini’s opinion on Benzema. The sentence he says is almost word for word the sentence I could have said on the day of the announcement of Didier Deschamps’ list for the Euro. For having followed the Blues a lot in recent years, he always sent us back to the ropes when we asked him questions about Karim Benzema. He had managed to drown the fish for years. All that for this. Why didn’t you pick it up earlier? The argument on the offensive aspect which did not please Deschamps in March, I hear it. But it’s been 5 years that Benzema had not been selected in Blues and we can not say that over these five years, the attack of the French team has crushed the whole world. So I understand Platini’s reaction, who doesn’t understand why we waited all this time to take over Benzema. Why now ? “ launched the former Téléfoot journalist, taken aback by the Deschamps method and his handling of the Karim Benzema case.

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