‘Fox’ didn’t want Will Smith to star in Independence Day

20th Century Fox believed that Will Smith would ruin the American box office for being African American.

To think about the Independence of the United States is to position in our mind the movie “Independence Day”, which was starred by Will Smith.

Now that the 25th anniversary of this film directed by Roland Emmerich and produced by fellow screenwriter Dean Devlin has been celebrated, a curious fact is revealed about the main actor.

It turns out that a prejudiced 20th Century Fox didn’t believe that Will Smith, now 52 years old, could conquer the American box office.

Independence Day could be starring Ethan Hawke

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Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the creatives revealed they thought of Ethan Hawke for the lead on Independence Day; however, he was very young.

So that Will Smith They found it perfect to step into the shoes of Captain Steven Hiller and team up with Jeff Goldblum who plays David Levinson.

But the study did not think Will Smith, they believed that their presence would ruin the box office.

The skin tone of Will Smith represented a problem for Fox

The director of Independence Day, Roland Emmerich was honest: “The studio said ‘no, we don’t like Will Smith. It is not proven. He does not work in international (markets) ‘”.

To which screenwriter Dean Devlin added: “They told us, ‘If they cast a black man, they will kill the international box office.’

But the creatives held on, argued that the film was about aliens and ensured that the foreign audience would receive it very well.

“It was a great fight and Roland really held on and eventually won,” said writer Dean Devlin.

In the end with Will Smith it earned more than 800 million dollars at the world box office, becoming the favorite of the time.

Independence Day represented a great leap for the career of Will Smith, in addition to the movie Bad Boys that hit theaters in 1995.

The actor was typecast in comedy for his leading role in the series “The Prince of Rap.”

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