Four things that must be in your car in the summer of the coronavirus


Updated:03/08/2020 01:17h


In the middle of the summer season, the number of trips on the road increases considerably. However, this year the exit operation campaign is completely atypical. Despite the fact that the mobility forecasts for the summer months are still uncertain, it is estimated that national tourism predominates and that travel is mainly by private vehicle.

Therefore, before starting the journey to the vacation spot, in addition to taking into account the destination, it is important to review what can not be missing inside the vehicle. In this sense, and in order to adapt to the new normality also on vacation, from ALD Automotive, a renting and fleet management company, have prepared a list of essentials for a trip.


  1. Mandatory documentation

    These are elements that were already mandatory before the impact of COVID-19. However, at present, it is important to review that we carry all the necessary documentation and, especially, that it is in force and in order. During the State of Alarm declaration, many drivers were unable to renew their driving license or pass the ITV review. Simply, it is necessary to check if it is necessary to update this documentation and take into account the waiting lists generated in public administrations for the renewal of any of these elements.

    With all this, the documentation that cannot be missing in our vehicle is:

    ● Driving license

    ● Technical inspection card

    ● Favorable report of the last inspection

    ● ID or passport, driving license, etc.

    To the above we must add other elements that are not mandatory but recommended, such as the ITV sticker, the receipt of the car insurance or accident parts.

  2. Masks

    This is a novelty that is added to the list of essential things with the “new normal”. The use of a mask is not mandatory inside the vehicle if you are traveling with people who live at the same address. However, if there are occupants who do not reside together, their use is mandatory. Failure to comply with this provision exposes the driver to fines of more than 100 euros.

    In addition, it must be remembered that the mask is mandatory, for example, to stop at a gas station, pay a toll or make any other purchase.

    The chosen destination must also be taken into account, since at present, in almost all the autonomous communities the use of a mask is mandatory in all spaces.

  3. Cleaning elements

    With the pandemic still present in our country, it is important to maintain the sanitary recommendations to avoid infections. For this reason, it is necessary to continue taking care of personal hygiene: having hydroalcoholic gels is important, although precautions must be taken, since if exposed to heat it can entail some risks. Gloves are also recommended.

    Similarly, having cleaning elements in the vehicle will be very useful for car care. The recommendation is to carry out a regular cleaning of the car before and after use.

  4. Safety equipment

    To all of the above, we must add another list of things such as the reflective vest for car breakdowns; the emergency triangles, it is mandatory to carry at least two; and the spare wheel or puncture repair kit.

    If the journey is long, it is also advisable not to forget other elements such as water bottles, pleasant music or sunglasses to avoid glare …

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