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KOMPAS.com – Over the past few years, game maker company battle royale Fortnite, Epic Games, focus on a number of markets (market), such as the United States (US), as well as several European and Asian countries.

Now, the company from the city of Cary, North Carolina, USA seems to be starting to look to the Southeast Asian market, including Indonesia.

This was conveyed by Quentin Staes-Polet as General Manager Southeast Asia & India, Epic Games, in an interview with KompasTekno, Thursday (6/8/2020).

According to Quentin, the community as well as the developer (developer) the number of games that continues to grow is one of the reasons why it wants to exist in Southeast Asia and also Indonesia.

“We have built a community and developer games in Indonesia for the last few years on a regular basis and see there are developments, “said Quentin.

KOMPAS.com/Bill Clinten General Manager of Southeast Asia & India, Epic Games, Quentin Staes-Polet in an interview with KompasTekno, Thursday (6/8/2020).

Quentin, unfortunately, does not indulge in how much progress this means.

However, he said that various communities and game developers who came from Indonesia often discussed Unreal Engine technology.

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A little information, Unreal Engine is a software (software) created by Epic Games, and was first designed by the CEO, Tim Sweeney, in 1998.

Usually, software these are used to develop games that can be run in various platform, as mobile, PCs, to consoles.

The latest version, Unreal Engine 5, is even used to create the latest generation game consoles, PS5 and Xbox One Series X.

There is potential in the film industry

Apart from community growth, the need for game engine outside the gaming industry, it also triggers Epic Games to continue expanding into various markets.

In Indonesia alone, Quentin sees a business potential in the film industry for use (use case) Unreal Engine 5.

“We think the film and broadcast industry has potential in Indonesia. Therefore, this is the right time to enter this market,” said Quentin.

According to Quentin, Unreal Engine 5 can be used to reduce the cost of producing a film, especially during a pandemic like this.

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He then gave an example of the production process for the first film from the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe (BCU), Gundala, which is not easy.

“Film Gundala do the process shooting approximately 50 days in 70 different locations. If such production activities are carried out in these times, it will be very difficult to do, “said Quentin.

The use of Unreal Engine 5 itself is actually free of license fees. However, a royalty of 5 percent will be charged when the product has succeeded in gaining gross income (gross revenue) worth 1 million US dollars or around Rp. 14.6 billion.

Will you set up an office in Indonesia?

Despite seeing the potential in Indonesia, Epic Games has no intention of building an office in Indonesia.

This game company will see the market conditions first, before later determining the team that represents the market.

“I don’t know yet, it’s very early to be sure now,” said Quentin.

“We need to take our regional teams outside India and Singapore. Then, we will carry out a number of interactions in these markets. When the time is right, we will then look for ways how we expand into these markets,” concluded Quentin.

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