Formula 1: will Vettel become a driving instructor for the billionaire son?

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Will Vettel become a driving instructor for the billionaire’s son?

Stand: 15.07.2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes

“It looks bleak for Sebastian Vettel”

Sebastian Vettel’s contract with Ferrari expires and so far he has no new cockpit. F1 legend Mario Andretti does not see the German as a candidate for a top team.

Sebastian Vettel’s path has only three possible branches: career break, end of career or Aston Martin. The racing team seems interested in German. Or rather, the owner, who is very rich.

SWith the still unresolved career question, ebastian Vettel has set off on the path to the hoped-for sporting resurrection. Between increasingly concrete speculations and everything that is left open, the 33-year-old German Formula 1 star hopes to find the course out of the severe crisis with Ferrari at the Hungaroring in order to recommend himself for next year.

“My future is still open. Nothing has been decided yet, “he told after reports of negotiations with the future Aston Martin team became public:” Even a year off, a lot is still possible. “

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The days at the Hungarian Grand Prix will add further spice to Vettel’s possible move to the future Aston Martin factory team. Apart from an ongoing protest against the racing team, the constellation is piquant enough: the two current drivers still have valid contracts for the coming year with the current Team Racing Point.

One of them is also the son of the billionaire co-owner. After “Bild”, the British tabloid “The Sun” reported that the rock-rich Lawrence Stroll wanted Vettel as a colleague for his son Lance.

The deadline is July 31

So it looks like the career fate of the four-time world champion, whose time at Ferrari can be considered a failed mission after six years, now depends on Mexican rival Sergio Pérez. A clause in the contract should make it possible, plus a seven-digit sum as separation allowance.

Austria F1 GP Auto Racing

Lance Stroll in the Racing Point car

Quelle: AP / Darko Bandic

It is speculated with a change from Pérez to the American Haas team, especially since the Mexican would also bring sponsorship money. The management of Pérez did not initially respond to an email request on Wednesday.

The key date for the clause in the contract of the 30-year-old from Guadalajara, who has been driving in Formula 1 since 2011, is to be July 31. This is the day of the kick-off training for the first of two races in the Corona emergency season at Silverstone. If so, the countdown will soon begin for Vettel after all other options from Mercedes to Red Bull have already been removed from the list. Vettel’s path now has only three branches: Aston Martin, career break, career end.

So what role would Vettel play?

Although the name Aston Martin is sonorous for fans of “James Bond” in particular, he does not have the license to win with the car, even if the current car from Racing Point is at least significantly better than Vettel’s Ferrari. He would also come to a racing team with a turbulent past full of acquisitions. Constance, which Vettel appreciates, still has to be created. Sometimes Midland, sometimes Spyker, sometimes Force India or Racing Point since the purchase by a group of investors led by Lawrence Stroll. Force India had previously filed for bankruptcy.

Austrian Grand Prix

Will Lance Stroll become a teammate of Sebastian Vettel?


In addition, there would be a team colleague at Aston Martin, who had not yet set the sporting highlights, but who was supported by his father. So what role would Vettel play: old and teaching masters? Construction worker? Undisputed number one?

After the time at Ferrari with the inglorious end, Vettel will want one thing above all: an environment in which he can call his best again. Team boss Otmar Szafnauer has been in Formula 1 for about as long as Vettel. In 2009 he joined the Force India team at that time and proved himself in times of crisis. Despite a manageable budget, the racing team, for which Adrian Sutil and Nico Hülkenberg also drove, was always able to celebrate success. Money is now significantly more available. And with Vettel there could also be great successes.


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