Formula 1 | € 300,000 per season in karting: Wolff wants to abolish a ‘crazy and discriminating absurdity’

Lewis Hamilton recently called F1 a “Club for billionaire little boys” without citing names (even if we imagine that he must have thought of Lance Stroll or Nikita Mazepin).

More broadly, through his Commission, Lewis Hamilton wants to fight against inequalities in motorsport, at the root, from karting, given the disproportionate inflation which deprives young people from more popular families of their dreams of career.

Mercedes of course supports the efforts of the Commission and it is therefore not surprising to see Toto Wolff, the team manager, supporting his driver’s words. Moreover, through its young drivers program, Mercedes can also support promising talents and play the role of sponsor or “billionaire dad”.

“What makes the sport so appealing is that it provides a narrative for great soap operas outside of racing as well. Pilots have always come from different backgrounds. “

“I doubt that children from less privileged backgrounds have it easy all the time. They are fighting against their own demons. In this regard, what we can do is make sure that the entry-level ranks in motorsport become more affordable, so that children who have no money can be successful in the junior formulas. “

“This means that all the great teams, and the great Formula 1 teams, should be able to identify these promising kids, instead of making their careers so costly. “

And Toto Wolff to give figures on this crazy inflation which indeed risks creating a situation of social segregation from karting!

“A good karting season costs you € 290,000, a F4 season € 600,000 and a F3 season exceeds € 1,500,000. It is utter nonsense that must end. “

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“We have to have access to these championships, and we have to give that access to children who are interested in karting … give them the possibility of racing for much more affordable budgets. “

Toto Wolff has not yet delivered precise solutions; let’s bet that the Hamilton Commission will do it soon!

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