Former soldiers who have been victims during the armed conflict may aspire to peace seats | Politics

After issuing the regulatory decree, the general director of the Unit for victims, Ramón Rodríguez, announced that Former Army soldiers recognized as victims may be candidates for peace seats and recalled that ex-combatants will not be able to participate.

“They can be presented because they already meet a requirement and that is to be in the Single Registry of Victims, It is necessary to see who nominates them, according to the conditions that are in the decree that have to do with issues of residence or that they were born in that place ”, clarified the general director of the Victims Unit.

On the other hand, Emilio Archila, Counselor for Stabilization and Consolidation, He explained that “there will be an entity of the verification state, the voting will have special measures and there will be special courts to present complaints and that they are resolved immediately.”

Those who aspire to occupy one of the 16 peace seats will necessarily belong to organizations of victims, peasant, social, women’s and may also be nominated by community councils, indigenous reservations or significant groups of citizens; likewise, ex-military personnel recognized as victims may do so.

And the people who have been part of an armed group, including the already demobilized Farc, will not be able to run as candidates for these seats and neither will those who have been candidates for a party within the five years prior to registration.

The elections to define the people who will occupy these seats will be March 13 next year.

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