Former children’s entertainer keeps asking girls for disgusting photos

A former children’s entertainer keeps asking girls to send him photos of themselves naked and semi-naked.

In his most recent vile posts, Michael Monks asked a 13-year-old girl to lift up her skirt and take a photo of him before posting videos of himself performing sexual acts.

Despite being caught by pedophile hunters in the past, the 41-year-old was misled again, this time by an undercover police officer.

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The former DJ was caught in 2017 after asking another decoy profile, also pretending to be a 13-year-old girl, for oral sex and suggesting they stay overnight at a hotel or bed and breakfast.

Today the dad, who used to work as a DJ and party entertainer, was back in the dock at Liverpool Crown Court for similar crimes.

Prosecutor Ken Grant explained that an undercover police officer was using Kik Messenger while posing as a 13-year-old girl named Millie.

Monks, with the names ‘AnfieldGuy’ and ‘MikeLeon’ contacted the lure’s profile on April 15 this year.

As soon as the conversation started, the decoy told Monks that they were 13 years old, to which he replied “I’m a little older, where are you now, in your room? “.

Mr. Grant said: “’Millie’ told the defendant that she was 13 years old, but this did not stop the defendant from continuing the conversation online. “

Monks sent a photo of himself. And when the ‘girl’ also sent a photo, he replied “You look cute” and asked “Are you naughty? “.

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Mr. Grant said he asked “increasingly sexualized questions” including “Have you ever been naughty with a boy, played with a willy? “.

He also asked what he thought a boy was “Did you ever touch yourself downstairs? I bet you have.”

Monks sent the ‘girl’ two videos of him performing a sexual act with himself and said “Please, can I see you with your skirt up and I’ll show you? You more.”

He was arrested in the yard of a builder where he worked on April 17 and gave an interview without comment.

Monks has seven prior convictions and as of May 2018, summary ends.

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