Former Alcoa in A Coruña: The Government will monitor compliance with the plan for Alu Ibérica | Radio Coruña


He Ministry of Industry will maintain the “work of monitoring compliance with the commitments” and the “development of the plan” of Alu Ibérica at the A Coruña and Avilés plants, now owned by Risk Group. It is the commitment of the central government transferred to the table that brings together the different parties, as indicated by the Ministry in a statement.

The Government also requires the owners “information that justifies compliance with the requirements for maintaining employment, necessary to receive aid for CO2.” And it is committed to working for a “stable and predictable energy framework”, while urging the governments of Galicia and Asturias to adopt all necessary measures to guarantee industrial activity.

The president of the Alu Ibérica works council in A Coruña, Juan Carlos López Corbacho, has gone further by noting that the request for information by the Ministry is made to “clarify” what happened in the sale of the plants of the Parter Capital fund to Grupo Industrial Riesgo.

López Corbacho explains that the Ministry wants to “document the degree of compliance” with the agreements, so it also demands the accounts of the factories for 2018 -which correspond to Alcoa- and for 2019 -of Parter-, because if there are infractions, will claim “the return” of the compensations.

Now, the Government, says Corbacho, gives “25 days of margin” to the companies to provide these reports and, from there, proceed to an “investigation” of what happened, says the workers’ representative. Later, there will be a new meeting of the industrial table.

The president of the works council denounces that “nobody complied here”, therefore he calls for it to be done. a thorough audit, since there is “much to clarify” about a resale operation from Parter to Grupo Industrial Riesgo in which he sees many shadows.

On the very industrial table this Thursday, in which representatives of Parter have been, López Corbacho censures that no one from Alcoa came, which “continues to do whatever it wants”, “living at ease closing companies and that nobody puts it in waist “.

The Xunta demands an audit

For his part, the Minister of Economy, Francisco Conde, has called on the central government to ensure compliance with the agreement reached a year ago for the sale of the A Coruña plant.

In a statement after the meeting, Conde has criticized that the government “did not present guarantees on the fulfillment of the commitments acquired a year ago by Alcoa and Parter.”

Therefore, it calls on the central Executive to clarify the questions surrounding the new sale during the state of alarm to Grupo Industrial Riesgo to know its content and scope. In this sense, it requires a technical and financial audit to verify the accounting, patrimonial and treasury reality of the company and the state of the facilities.

As in the case of Alcoa San Cibrao, Conde defends that urgent measures be taken beyond bilateral contracts that will have an effect in the medium and long term.

“We transfer the Xunta’s commitment to support the development of an industrial plan through investment and training, guaranteeing the modernization of the plant and also the need for the statute to be approved, since it is the only guarantee for Alu Ibérica to be able to produce primary aluminum and can maintain all the jobs, “he says.

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