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[Model Press = 2021/06/10]Moeka Yahagi, who graduated from AKB48 in February last year, updated her SNS on the 9th. Announced the holding of a digital live, suggesting the resumption of entertainment activities.

◆ Former AKB48 Moeka Yahagi to resume performing arts activities

Yahagi, who updated his handwritten message, said, “It’s been a long time. It’s Moeka Yahagi. I was able to graduate from high school safely in March of this year.”

“I learned a lot from the days I’ve spent so far and found what I wanted to convey. From now on, I’ll do my best so that everyone can see it in various ways. I would be grateful if you could watch over me warmly. Thank you. “

In addition, he reported, “On the day of my 7/5 birthday, I will have a digital live concert on various SNS! Will you leave a schedule …?”

At TikTok, he performed songs that he wrote, composed, and arranged. He also plays musical instruments.

◆ Moeka Yahagi, single center selection, singing ability No. 1 etc.

Yahagi was born on July 5, 2002 in Saitama prefecture. Although he was defeated in the selection of 16th gen members, his cute looks attracted attention, and he was nominated by three AKB48 teams in the first round at the “3rd AKB48 Group Draft Conference” held in January 2018, and a lottery was held. As a result, I was assigned to Team K. In January 2019, “AKB48 Yahagi Moeka Solo Concert-Let’s make everyone go together-” was held, and the AKB48 group’s research student (at the time of announcement) was the first in history to succeed in the fastest solo concert as a member. Let me.

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Selected as the first single title song center for AKB48’s 56th single “Sustainable”. Singing ability was also evaluated, such as winning the “2nd AKB48 Group Singing Ability No. 1 Final Battle” held in October 2019. (Modelpress editorial department)

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