“Forgotten” scholarship students in Montpellier: “it’s normal, the managers have gone on vacation”

Montpellier scholarship students believed that the January aid would never arrive! Their scholarships were paid this Thursday, January 13. A delay justified by the departure on vacation of the managers.

It has been two days since the installment is in operation to come tell me my account… , laments Maud

, this January 11. Tenant in a city managed by the Regional Center for University and School Works (Crous), this master’s student despairs of finally being able to receive her university scholarship for the month of December. She tells : The last Crous payment dates back to the 30 November. This corresponds to the December stock exchange. All scholarship payments are generally made between the 28th and 30th of the month. To this day, we still have not received the scholarship for the month of January(several dozen students suffer from this situation, editor’s note) . We have been trying to survive for forty-two days with the last scholarship received. Fortunately, we had the 100 € of the State on 17 December. We called the Crous to find out if it was normal that we didn’t receive anything and we got an answer on the phone : “Yes it’s normal, the managers have gone on vacation and only come back on Monday(January 3) . They’ll take care of that when they get back.”

. Taken aback, Maud first thought it was a very bad joke.

“Yes, it’s normal, the managers have gone on vacation” And the young woman continues:

“While they go on vacation, we have the right to food distributions organized every Wednesday at the Triolet university residence where we are only allowed to come once every two weeks. In the residence where I am, we have a private page on Facebook and this lack of payment has been “THE” topic of conversation for several days. Everyone called and got the same answer…”

Up to 500 euros less for scholarship holders“The scholarships were normally received on the accounts” , indicated, this Thursday, January 13 at the end of the afternoon, Edgard Bruel, the president of the General Association of Montpellier Students (Agem) who was aware of the problem. He explains :

“In general, in January, the scholarships always arrive a little later because we change the calendar year and they are not the same budgets. But it is true that there, it was particularly long. It is still complicated for students who make their budget. So to survive without a scholarship, for students in level 7, this represents around €500. This is a significant budget. And here, it’s almost half the month, at least a third without having them…”

Assumed first name.

Since January 12, we have contacted the Crous to find out more. Our request went unheeded.

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