Foreclosure of deposits and savings claims of scholarship delinquents –Osaka Prefectural Ikueikai

From 2009, the Osaka Prefectural Ikueikai has been conducting “Zero delinquency strategy.1

) ”, And while strengthening the reminder, we are implementing legal measures such as compulsory execution for delinquents who do not respond to the return despite repeated reminder.Until now, we have been foreclosure of salaries for compulsory execution, but this time2020year4“Procedure for acquiring information from a third party” that came into effect in March (*2) ”Was used to obtain information on the debtor’s deposits and savings claims and seize the deposits and savings.This is a public interest incorporated foundation (including the Osaka Prefectural Ikueikai) that conducts high school scholarship projects nationwide.17

This will be the first collection by this method among corporations).

We will continue to take strict measures against delinquents who have the resources but do not accept the return.


[Seizure of deposits and savings receivables]

1 Enforcement of Shen Li day

Reiwa 3rd October 13th (Shui Yao Day)

2 Persons subject to compulsory execution petition

1 person

3 Enforcement amount

1,333,309 yen (collected on November 9, 3rd year of Reiwa)

The Ikueikai has set up a “Return Consultation Corner” to postpone the return from those who are willing to return but have difficulty returning due to financial reasons, or those whose household budget has suddenly changed due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection. We provide detailed support, such as flexibly responding to consultations such as payments and payments.


) Zero delinquency strategy

Since 2009, we have been implementing a “zero delinquency strategy” to strengthen the promotion of delinquency processing by hiring experienced financial institutions with debt collection know-how. Through this initiative, we will continue to raise awareness of return and support the study of economically difficult students.

(※2) Information acquisition procedure from a third party (Civil Enforcement Law No. 1)207Article1item1


In response to a petition from a creditor who holds the title of debt, the court orders financial institutions such as banks to provide information on deposits and savings claims, and those persons respond in writing to the court. It is a procedure.

【inquiry】Osaka Prefectural Ikueikai Zero Delinquency Strategy Room Telephone


Minute)Return consultation corner Telephone06-6357-6286

06-6357-6334(weekday9Time~19Time, Saturdays and holidays9Time~17


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