Ford explodes on the stock market, unheard of in 20 years

It is with pride that the CEO of Ford, Jim Farley, posed in recent months. Leaning on the future F-150 Lighting on many occasions, the man can thank his electric pickup which has just enabled Ford, for the first time in 20 years, to reach 100 billion in market capitalization.

Thanks to its plans for the electrification of its range, which is already winning over customers, Ford has continued to achieve exceptional growth in the financial markets. Its progress has not stopped since the end of March 2020. In less than two years, the Detroit manufacturer has seen its stock jump by 479%.

Ford, the best performing stock in the automotive sector

Late Thursday morning in the United States, Ford’s stock was still up more than 4% as Deutsche Bank named the company one of its top automaker investment choices for 2022. that in 2021, Ford was placed as the best performing stock in the automotive sector, ahead of Tesla (50% increase in twelve months).

Tesla may fly over Ford, with a stratospheric valuation of more than 1000 billion dollars, the American General Motors remains behind at 90 billion dollars. In France, Stellantis (which bought the FCA group from Fiat) weighs 59 billion dollars and the Renault Group less than 10 billion.

2022 has only just begun, but already Ford has reiterated its investment targets for its electric future, with more than 30 billion injected into the industry by 2025. That same year, Ford says it will reach production of one million electric cars per year.

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Referring to Tesla, which already produces and delivers 936,000 copies of its cars in 2021, Ford said that during “over the next two years, Ford aims to become the second-largest electric vehicle maker in North America and then challenge for the top spot”. The revenge of a traditional manufacturer, from the Great Lakes region, on a Californian startup, which has become Texas.

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