for what merits a student of the Polytechnic University can receive an increase in the allowance

State academic scholarship for students at PNRPU is 2 620 rubles. In addition, active students have the opportunity to receive an increased scholarship for achievements in research, social, cultural, creative, sports activities.

First-year students enrolled on a budget-funded full-time basis are paid an academic scholarship from the beginning of the academic year until the passing of credits and examinations for the first session. In order to maintain the scholarship, the polytechnic must not have academic arrears and “satisfactory” marks on the basis of the interim certification. If in the first semester a student received such an assessment, then he will not be able to receive benefits during the next semester. Renewal of the scholarship is possible after the successful completion of the session for the new semester.

The amount of the scholarship may increase depending on the academic achievement allowance:

  • 50% of the academic scholarship is paid to students who have passed the session only “excellent”;
  • 35% of the academic scholarship is paid to students who have passed the session with “good” and “excellent” (if there are at least 50% of “excellent” marks);
  • 10% of the academic scholarship is paid to students of engineering specialties and technical areas of training who have passed course projects with excellent marks in general and special disciplines.

There are many personal scholarships at the Perm Polytechnic University, the list can be found at the link.

Also, students registered in the territory of the region are eligible for an additional Governor’s scholarship. Students of the 1st course who have scored a certain number of USE points in three exams can apply for it: at least 225 points for technical specialties, 260 for humanitarian specialties. An increased additional scholarship is paid monthly from 1st to 3rd courses. In order to keep the governor’s scholarship, a student on the basis of the interim attestation should have only “good” and “excellent” marks, where “excellent” is 50% or more.

You can find out detailed information about scholarships in the “Student” section.

Text: Evgeniya Sannikova

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