[For undergraduate, graduate, and dental hygienist vocational school students]Japan Student Services Organization loan scholarships before the deadline – Health Sciences University of Hokkaido

To all scholarship students of Japan Student Services Organization

As a support for students who needed a large amount of money at an early stage due to the spread of the new coronavirus infectionUpon application from a scholarship student, it will be possible to transfer the loan scholarship for January and February 2022 on the loan scholarship transfer date (December 10, 2021) in December (three months’ scholarship in December). Money will be transferred).

Since December to February 2022 will be transferred in December, the next scholarship transfer will be in March 2022. However, for those whose scholarship loan will end (maturity) in March 2022, the amount for March 2022 (only for one month) will be transferred on February 10, 2022.

Students who wish to apply should submit the application form as follows.

1. 1.subject

・ Japan Student Services OrganizationFirst-class scholarship students and second-class scholarship studentsAsStudents who have already been hired.

・ Currently, the Japan Student Services OrganizationStudents who are applying for or are planning to apply for a Type 2 scholarship in the second semester.

2.Proposed books

“Application for delivery before due date”

“Application for delivery before due date”

>> September[For undergraduate and graduate students]Early grant application (PDF)

>> September[For hygienist vocational school students]Early delivery application (PDF)

* Please print and fill in the required items.

* Please note that the styles are different for undergraduate and graduate students and dental hygienist vocational school students.

* Applications are also distributed at the Student Support Division and Medical Technology Division.

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3.Proposal date

November 1, 2021 (Month) ※Must be delivered by post

Submission destination: Student Support Division window (Medical Technology Faculty students and Psychological Science Research Science students are Medical Technology Division window)

If you do not plan to attend school due to lectures, etc., please submit it by mail.

1757 Kanazawa, Tobetsu-cho, Ishikari-gun, Hokkaido 061-0293 Student Support Division, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido

Student Support Division, Faculty of Academic Affairs, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido

MAIL: [email protected]


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