For the reunion of Friends, Porsche “launched” an ingenious special edition Tribbiani

After a very long wait for fans, it was finally released Friends: The Reunion. And to the reunion of the old six friends from New York he got on Porsche, the famous German sports car company, which “released” a special edition Tribbiani.

To understand this “launch”, you have to go back to episode 5 of season 6 of Friends. In the, Joey Tribbiani (This is the character played by Matt Leblanc, also known for his participation in the iron show Top Gear) found a set of keys from a Porsche 911 996 that was parked on the street.

When Joey discovers that people treat him in a special way for believing that he is the owner of the Porsche, he does everything possible to stretch the lie and stops looking for the owner.

Joey finds the keys to a Porsche

The problem came when the real owner of the car showed up and took it away. How did Joey continue to hold that lie? With a curious idea: stacked boxes and covered them with a tarp to make it look like underneath it was a Porsche.

The idea was funny, but untenable: while talking to two women who had approached him, a young man caught a football, fell on the boxes and the lie came to light.

Joey’s Porsche Scene

To remember that moment, the German brand uploaded an image to its Instagram account that shows cardboard boxes covered with a canvas that has the Porsche logo.

“Could we be more excited about the Friends reunion? So much so that we present to you the special edition of the Porsche Tribbiani. Watch out, she’s sleeping …”, Says the caption that accompanies the photo.

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The German brand joined the reunion of Friends. Photo: Porsche.

It’s a smart reference and one of several Porsche could have chosen, as the show’s writers seemed to like the brand. In other chapters also appears a convertible of the father of Ross (David Schwimmer) and Monica (Courtney Cox). It’s a beautiful 911 Targa 1985.

The reunion of Friends, which premiered yesterday (in Argentina it can be seen in streaming from June 29), is not a classic episode of the sitcom, but a meeting between the protagonists to relive the most special moments of the 236 episodes.

The six main actors were interviewed by James Corden. These talks were combined with recreations of famous scenes, intimate moments between the six actors and some special guests, like Lady Gaga.

Magazine Variety reported that not all actors obtained the same economic profit. The salaries they agreed to ranged from $ 2.5 million to $ 3 million, far from the $ 20,000 per chapter they collected when they started in 1994.


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