For the first time since April, more than 200 new corona infections


NAfter a short respite at the beginning of the week, it is now clear: The hope of a decline in new Covid 19 infections in Hesse has been dashed. Rather, the Robert Koch Institute reports another noticeable increase at the weekend. As can be read on his website, there are 203 new confirmed cases, according to the Hessian health authorities. That is about 14 percent of the new cases reported for the whole of Germany, but Hesse only has a population of just under eight percent. That is also two dozen more than registered on the previous day. The last time there was a similar number of new infections was in mid-April. At that time it had number in a few days even more clearly above the 200 mark located. Regardless of this, the short-term trend for Hessen is unpleasant upwards. However, one district has been free of new infections for seven days.

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

Good news from the Robert Koch Institute, which is in charge of combating the epidemic: It is assuming 100 more people recovered than last and now speaks of around 11,700 people who have survived their corona infection. On the other hand, there are officially no further deaths in connection with the pandemic. It therefore remains at 526. Mathematically, there are more than 22 recovered people for every coronona victim. Ascending trend.

The infection process in the Vogelsberg district is pleasing. On the one hand, with 149 infections reported since March, it has at least all of the districts in Hesse and, for the second time, there has been no new case for seven days. This makes the rural district the only district with a seven-day incidence of zero. This value results from the new cases with less than 100,000 inhabitants within a week. Six districts and all major cities except Darmstadt recently had double-digit values.

Against this background, the country extended the mask requirement for local public transport until the end of October on Thursday. Events with up to 250 people are still allowed without special approval from the authorities, provided there is a hygiene concept, said Prime Minister Volker Bouffier. Regardless of this, a cold will no longer be a criterion for sending kindergarten children and schoolchildren home. Christmas markets should be allowed under certain conditions, including hygiene concepts.

With a view to the overall situation, one thing should still be considered: As the RKI of the FAZ further informed, it does not officially collect data on the number of people who have recovered. The survey is also not provided for by law. “However, at least in the cases in which most of the information was determined, which had no severe symptoms and which were not admitted to a hospital, it can be assumed that they will have recovered after 14 days at the latest,” says Berlin. The RKI estimates the number of those who have recovered.

The Ministry of Social Affairs publishes an overview of the corona development every day, broken down into districts and urban districts. It refers to figures from the RKI. Until a few days ago, it also took into account data from the Hessian state examination and investigation office in the health system at the Gießen regional council, to which the health authorities have to report the new cases. In order to establish consistency, the ministry now only uses the RKI information.


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