For lack of new encounters, singles turn to … their ex


Maybe she is kissing her ex? – JORGE GUERRERO / AFP

An Ifop survey for the Pornhub site, published by The Parisian, reveals the great changes that those who aspire to (make) love must face. Main lesson to remember: the coronavirus marks the return to favor of the former.

Among the single people questioned, we recycle the old recipes: 25% of those questioned have had sex with an ex, or a regular partner they were already seeing before confinement. Why ? Because opportunities to meet new partners are rare, explains François Kraus, director of the “Gender, sexualities and sexual health” pole at Ifop with the Parisian.

Fear of contamination

No more nightclubs and subdued parties, conducive to seduction: 57% of singles find that it is “today more difficult to meet people than before”. So we favor evenings with friends, we see people … that we already knew.

Another brake on dredging: the Covid-19 itself. Contamination via an infected partner is scary. 62% of people surveyed do not plan to have sex with someone who has been infected (and who is cured). “It’s a kind of safe sex”, analyzes François Kraus. “Singles thus have the impression of knowing the share of risk. They are in a logic of sexual security and satisfaction ”. For lack of new meetings, maybe it’s time to call a friend?



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