For education: Google launches Zelda clone with learning effect

Very few people like to go to school and listen to endless lectures on history & Co. On the other hand, children and young people in particular give a computer game their undivided attention for hours without any problems. A circumstance that more and more teaching institutions are taking advantage of to impart knowledge in a playful way. Educational gaming is trending. As part of its Arts & Cultures program, the Google group has already published entertaining dabbles with a learning effect on several occasions – and is now doing it again.

The latest addition to the promising title The Descent of the Serpent offers retro gaming in the style of the first The Legend of Zelda game. It is now available for free use on Google’s Arts & Culture website and app. The title transports you to the ancient Central American cultural area of ​​Mesoamerica, also known as Old Mexico. Its territory today includes large parts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica and was once home to legendary civilizations and cultures.

In the footsteps of Aztec gods

The object of the game is to recover 20 artifacts stolen from a museum by the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca. This is the only way you can avert the total flooding of the world. To begin your mission, a talking statue from the museum will take you back in time to ancient Mesoamerica. As in Nintendo’s gaming classic, you can explore the colorful game world from a bird’s eye view. You take control of a cuddly staged hero. Put it in one of four costumes based on Aztec legends.

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Each time you find one of the artifacts, you will receive exciting background information about the respective object. If you are interested, you can follow a link to a virtual exhibition to learn more. On your way through the game you will encounter crocodiles, spiders and monkeys who want to get your hands on you. Depending on the level of difficulty you choose, the attackers will just paralyze you if you hit them, or you’ll die on the screen and start over. “The Descent of the Serpent” was created in collaboration with Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology and is accordingly peppered with in-depth specialist knowledge.

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