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Swindon Town should take the lead against the Queens Park Rangers Don’t gamble away until the beginning of next week, the lead is too big. It was 61: 0 on Thursday afternoon. Also for Stoke City against Derby County it looks good with an interim result of 29: 1. Everything is still open at FC Fulham against the Bristol Rovers (1: 0) or Preston North End against Ipswich Town (0:0).

Of course, these intermediate results do not relate to real soccer games. They come from the so called planet Super League, an initiative in England to encourage football fans to be more climate-friendly. The rules are simple: supporters get points for their clubs for various climate-friendly deeds.

A meatless meal scores one point, as does a washing machine cycle in energy-saving mode with organic detergent. There are two points for growing your own herbs and lettuce or switching off electronic devices overnight. You can earn three points if you convert your toilet to use less water. And so forth.

Social engagement in English football

Even if that sometimes goes down in view of the seemingly unworldly sums that are being spent on the transfer market – English football has a social conscience and supports itself on various social issues. This was particularly evident at the European Championships in summer. England’s national team went to their knees before the games as a sign against racism, sometimes against the opposition of their own audience and domestic politics. So far, climate protection has not been a big issue, but it looks like that is changing now.

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the Planet Super League is an example of this. Another is the game between Tottenham Hotspur and the FC Chelsea this Sunday in the Premier League. The duel between the two London clubs is said to be the first CO2-Be neutral professional game worldwide. Tottenham is planning it in cooperation with the British pay broadcaster Sky and the Prime Minister’s Government Boris Johnson. She supports the project with a view to the AClimate Conference in early November Glasgow.

#GameZero at Tottenham Hotspur

The so-called #GameZero will Tottenham consume less electricity than usual at home games. The teams will travel by buses that run on biofuel, the players will forego plastic water bottles. The club appeals to the fans to travel by public transport or by bike instead of by car.

In addition, the audience is encouraged to opt for a vegan snack in the stadium instead of the meat-filled pies, which are sacred in England. Of course, the game is one PR-Action, but if one or the other stadium visitor or TV-Viewers are encouraged to make their everyday life more climate-friendly in the future PR not just those involved.

It’s not a coincidence that Tottenham Organizing the game for a good cause. The club is the most environmentally friendly club in the Premier League, followed by Arsenal, Brighton & Hove Albion and Manchester United. At least that’s what a sustainability ranking says BBC in collaboration with a A-Initiative for more climate protection in sport. Some clubs in England have their own sustainability initiatives. Of the FC Southampton, for example, has pledged to plant 250 trees for every player from its own academy who makes his debut with the pros.

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Forest Green Rovers – the first CO2-neutral club

The most consistent example of climate protection in English football can be seen in the fourth division, the Forest Green Rovers. The association was founded by the A be the first CO2– recognized as a neutral club in the world, offers only vegan food and is planning a stadium made entirely of wood. Critics see this Forest Green Rovers as an advertising platform for the club owner’s green electricity company Dale Vince, but it is undisputed that the club helps to establish the message of more sustainability in football.

There it should be heard even more in the future, and by necessity. The newspaper “The i“just put it dramatically:”In the coming years, football will probably have to bring climate initiatives forward – or discover that there is no longer a planet on which football can be played.”

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