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It is only noticeable at second glance. Something is different with the checkerboard pattern in the coat of arms logo on the Croatian jerseys. In the original coat of arms it begins with the color red in the top left. But if the chessboard begins with white – as has now appeared with the Croatian team – it is the coat of arms of the fascist Ustascha movement, which cooperated with Nazi Germany in World War II and in the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s flared up again. The Ustasha movement is still present in Croatian society today.

Ustasha coat of arms on Croatian jerseys – speculation about the cause

How this coat of arms got on the Croatian jersey during Euro 2020 can only be speculated. “Probably the fault lies with the company that is responsible for the flocking of the jersey”says Vladimir Novak, freelance journalist and expert on Croatian football. “It is quite possible that an employee of the company deliberately put the wrong crest on the jerseys and hoped that nobody would notice”, so Novak to In fact, it was apparently not noticed by either the team’s kit manager or the coaches or players themselves.

Said jersey company is the company “Screen printing Decolor“based in Croatian Varazdin, a city in the north of the country.

Celebrated in 2018 with Ustaša singer Thomson

It is not the first time that the Croatian team has been associated with right-wing currents. This is how Luka celebrated Modric and Co. after winning the 2018 runner-up with the right-wing singer Marko Perkovic (Artist name: Thompson), who glorifies war crimes in his songs.

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Player like Dejan Lovren or Sime Vrsljako At that time, after World Cup victories against Nigeria and Argentina, of all things, voted the blood-soaked Thompson-Hit “Cavoglave” at. The war anthem begins with the greeting of the Ustaše.

Sorry from the association

The Croatian Association HNS has already reacted to the incorrect flocking and apologized. “It is an unintentional mistake that has unfortunately not been discovered. We strongly reject any thought that it could be a deliberate change in the Croatian coat of arms”It was initially said on the association’s website.

The entry has since been withdrawn. “I could imagine that the association has little interest in the topic making waves in public“says Vladimir Novak. By the way, on the jerseys of Croatian opponents, the correct coat of arms was to be seen, both for the Spaniards and the Scots. For preliminary round opponents England and round of 16 opponents Spain it was not on the jerseys at all.

Reporting in Croatian media

Croatian media also reported extensively about the coat of arms, “but in a more moderate form. It wasn’t a cover story “reported Vladimir Novak.

Even today, supporters of the Ustaša movement keep appearing in football stadiums. “When visiting a stadium in Zagreb, for example, one sees time and again devotional objects with their symbolism”, are Novak.

Not the company’s first incident

There has already been a fuss about the shirt company in question. At a test match of Croatia last year, the flag of Tunisia was emblazoned on the tops instead of the country flag of its opponent Turkey. The kit manager of the Teams then had to cut out every single Tunisia flag. The game was played with a small hole in the jerseys.

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It is very likely that the association will react after the recent incident and terminate its cooperation with the company, says Vladimir Novak.

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