Fondi Lega, figurehead: ‘They wanted to sell the headquarters in Via Bellerio’ – Lombardy


According to Matteo Salvini, the effect of the latest developments in the judicial inquiries on Lega funds on the vote will be “zero”. “For years they have been looking for money where there is no money – he said on the sidelines of a meeting in Ascoli Piceno -, in Switzerland, Panama, Luxembourg. The money is given to the League by citizens with 2 per thousand, the entrepreneurs who help us , the chosen ones.

Michele Scillieri, one of the three trusted Lega accountants arrested in the Lombardy Film Commission case, will not appear for tomorrow’s interrogation before the Milan investigating judge Giulio Fanales and, therefore, has decided to exercise the right not to answer. “My choice, obviously shared with him – explained the lawyer Massimo Di Noia – because there is too much media pressure, it would be like subjecting him to caudine forks, exposing him as an ordinary Enzo Tortora, I didn’t feel like it”. Even Scillieri’s brother-in-law, Fabio Barbarossa, who was also arrested, defended by the lawyers Massimiliano Giotto and Roberto Brambilla, made the same choice to use without presenting himself. Instead, Alberto Di Rubba and Andrea Manzoni, defended by the lawyer Piermaria Corso, will appear to defend themselves from the accusations. Their interrogations are scheduled to start at 11 on the seventh floor of the Court.

Scillieri “boasted of the friendships he had with Di Rubba and other local members of the League, so much so that he received an assignment to try to sell the Lega headquarters in via Bellerio”. The alleged figurehead Luca Sostegni put it on the record in an interrogation on 29 July. “I remember that there was a hurry to conclude the operation – explained Sostegni to the prosecutors – because, since it is a property owned by the Northern League, there was the risk of seizure by the Genoa Public Prosecutor, in relation to the investigations for the fraud on electoral refunds “.Sostegni said that one morning he and Scillieri” went to make an inspection at the headquarters in via Bellerio “. Di Rubba “came to pick us up and took us inside, we talked about the volume and the amount we hoped to achieve”. The intention, he added, “was to sell to a hypermarket” and part “could house apartments”. Then, “when the Genoa public prosecutor ordered the kidnapping, nothing more was done”.

There are nine suspects in total for embezzlement in the investigation into the Lombardy Film Commission case.
In addition to the five to whom the precautionary measure was applied, including the three trusted accountants of the Lega and the figurehead Luca Sostegni, there are also Pierino Maffeis, Elio Foiadelli and Vanessa Servalli, directors of companies attributable to professionals who ended up under house arrest. And the entrepreneur Francesco Barachetti is also being investigated, as was known. It emerges from the request for rogatory in Switzerland filed in the investigation documents. In the letter rogatory of August 18, the prosecutors also speak of the “Panamanian company that fences an account in Switzerland”, which also ended up at the center of the investigation.

“Personally, I believe that there have never been 49 million as cash on the Lega’s accounts in the period of my competence, as it is necessary to distinguish between the availability accounts of the federal association and the available accounts of the local branches which (…) even before 2015 in fact had current accounts on which only the local delegate had a signature “. minutes with statements to the prosecutors in Milan, the auditor in the Chamber for the League, Andrea Manzoni, under house arrest in the Lombardy Film Commission investigation. Manzoni explained that, after Matteo Salvini was appointed secretary at the end of 2013 and Giulio Centemero treasurer in September 2014 , the latter “called me as an accountant and then I personally took care of the accounting”.

“I therefore consider it a mistake – Manzoni added with spontaneous statements to the prosecutors last September 3 – cumulate the availability on the current accounts that the treasurer could have with that of the deposits on the current accounts of the local branches over which the treasurer had no signatory power“. Then, he added,” since June 2015 we have set up regional associations “. In the summer of 2014, Manzoni continued, Centemero” tells me that from the analysis made by the PWC (auditing firm, ed) with that level of spent the life of the party is about 6 months and that it is necessary to intervene in a robust way with interventions that also provide for the redundancy of employees “.


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