“Floyd, Argentina” … a new victim of police violence


The Argentine judiciary is investigating the death of a man from suffocation during his arrest by the police in Tucuman County, in a case reminiscent of the death of American George Floyd in the United States.

The events took place last Wednesday at noon in the center of Tucumana, the capital of the province, 1,200 kilometers northeast of Buenos Aires, in front of dozens of witnesses.

Some confirmed that two policemen had beaten Severino Nadal, 43, and put his neck on the ground.

Severino Nadal was arrested for theft, but no one reported it and there was no evidence incriminating him.

His family condemned ill-treatment during a previous arrest in February by the police station itself, and Severino had served a prison sentence for theft several years ago.

The statements of the policemen who took part in his arrest will be heard in the coming days.

The investigation comes about a month after the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old American who died while police were arresting him in Minneapolis on May 25.

Tucuman police behavior is also being investigated after the death of Luis Espinosa, an agricultural worker who was arrested during a festival on May 15 and his body was found a week later in a ravine.

In this case, 8 policemen and a civilian were arrested under investigation on charges of “unlawful deprivation of liberty followed by the death of a person and enforced disappearance”, in the context of an investigation of the request of the South American Regional Office at the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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