«Flaminio Stadium? We are ready to talk about it with the mayor “

Lazio president Claudio Lotito also spoke about the Flaminio Stadium in Campidoglio: here are his incredible statements

In the award ceremony for the Lazio Women in the Capitol, the Biancoceleste president Claudio Lotito launched an incredible indiscretion regarding the issue of the Stadium. Here are his statements.

«Flaminio Stadium? First of all we should agree. On the question of the coach I don’t know what will happen: for me, agreements are made even with a handshake, for others not. It is in the interest of the city if certain results are obtained and I would like our capital, which already has the Imperial Eagle in its emblem, constantly improve and that it can do so with Lazio. I am used, when I make a commitment, to respect it: if there was the possibility, I would be ready to help. I asked myself: can that structure be covered? Then, are there any parking spaces? In short, there are three or four issues that need to be evaluated and then we’ll see. That is not a UEFA-compliant stadium. Anyway, we sit down at the table with the mayor to talk about all the issues and we’ll see what happens. I was reflecting on this some time ago and since Mayor Raggi is a very open person we have seen that the City needs help and we are available to do it. I think the City of Rome needs a reference stadium for Lazio: we haven’t stepped forward yet, as Roma did, but now we are available.».

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